Drug gang that sold drugs throughout the Alto Valle de Neuquén falls: weapons and dollars are kidnapped

2023-10-26 19:37:06

In a multiple and high-impact operation, the National Gendarmerie managed to disrupt a criminal gang that was dedicated to selling drugs in the Alto Valle de Neuquén. The raids were in Centenario, Senillosa and the capital city.

As could be established, the organization had outlets commonly known as “narco kiosks” in several locations. Two of them in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood of Centenario.

In the homes, federal force personnel found cocaine and fractionated marijuana. Firearms of different calibers, ammunition, cell phones, computers and various elements to “cut” the drugs were also found.

Regarding the cash seized, it was detailed that it was a sum in national currency and another in US currency. In total 5 million pesos and 4 thousand dollars.

As a result of the raids authorized by federal judge Gustavo Villanueva, of Federal Court No. 2, six people who were notified of the case against them were also detained and were subsequently released as established by procedure.

The seized electronic material will be examined to try to establish possible links of the gang outside the province or the country.

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