Elden Ring player has reached game time limit set by FromSoftware


Elden Ring is a huge game that can be completed in about 60 hours. With replay value, lots of secrets, and a new game+, many gamers have crossed that milestone. However, one player, JayzRebellion15, spent too much time in the game, so much so that he reached the FromSoftware time limit of 999:59:59. A limitation that, obviously, the developers did not consider it necessary to adjust.

JayzRebellion15 shared his result with undisguised pride. His character is level 648. The most incredible thing is that this result was achieved while playing on the Xbox One, by far the least performing platform among those on which Elden Ring is available.

Another frightening figure is the number of hours JayzRebellion15 spends every day on Elden Ring: including launch day, it takes about 7 hours 35 minutes a day to reach 999:59:59.

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