Exclusive: cell phones and headphones are the most desired gifts on Valentine’s Day

2023-06-01 14:09:00

Valentine’s Day is coming and the most desired gifts are cell phones and headphones. The trend was confirmed by a survey by MindMiners revealed exclusively for TudoCelular and commissioned by Samsung.

The survey was carried out between March 23 and 31, 2023 with 370 Brazilian men and women over 18 years old from classes A, B and C who are in a relationship. Of these, 250 said they had already decided to buy an electronic gift for their partner, while 120 had not yet chosen what to give on June 12 of this year.

01 Jun

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01 Jun

In the group of those who will give an electronic, 74% say they intend to give a smartphone as a giftwhile cell phones are the choice of 58% of undecided users.

The other choices for those who haven’t decided what to give as a gift are:

  • wireless headphones: 41%
  • Smartwatches (smart watches): 40%
  • Notebooks: 39%
  • Smart TVs: 28%
  • Tablets: 28%

Among those who decided to give an electronic device as a gift, the choices are as follows:

  • Wireless earphone or smart watch: 48%
  • Notebook: 52%
  • Smart TV: 40%
  • Tablet: 36%

Samsung to favorite

Samsung emerged as the favorite of 75% of respondents, leading preference with the following percentages in each category:

  • Smart TVs: 81%
  • Tablets: 77%
  • Smartphones: 75%
  • Fones wireless: 74%
  • Smartwatches: 73%
  • Notebooks: 70%

Looking at the specs

The survey also shows that consumers are aware of technical specifications when choosing a gift. When it comes to cell phones, the most important numbers are:

  • internal storage: 43%
  • RAM memory: 36%
  • camera quality: 34%
  • Battery: 31%

Among the notebooks the most important specifications are:

  • RAM memory: 39%
  • more powerful processor: 33%
  • Storage: 30%

For tablets, the statistics look like this:

  • RAM memory: 36%
  • Storage: 31%

It is worth mentioning that the tablet sector showed a significant difference in responses among users from the C class, where 50% of them consider the internal memory the most important factor when choosing a device.

When purchasing wireless headphones, consumers pay attention to:

  • sound quality: 42%
  • Quality of construction and finish: 39%

And, finally, among those interested in giving away smartwatches, 42% of users say that it is important for the watch to be waterproof. Meanwhile, those interested in smart TVs analyze product quality in 40% of cases and screen size in 35%.

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most expensive gifts

The MindMiners survey also points out that the values ​​of gifts should be 69% and 54% higher among people aged 30 and 49 from classes A and B, respectively. The average expense should be R$ 2,700 and consumers say they intend to purchase gifts about 15 to 30 days in advance to avoid unforeseen events.

special promotions

To celebrate the date and consumer preference, Samsung also announced special Valentine’s Day promotions.

The first of these is for the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, where everyone who buys this cell phone through the Samsung Online store between May 29 and June 19, 2023 will be able to redeem a Galaxy Buds Live headset on the Samsung For You website between June 5 and July 3, 2023.

Now if you’ve got your eye on a smart TV, The Frame series of televisions will be at a special price between June 5th and 18th with the right to a frame at no additional cost. It will also be possible to purchase The Freestyle portable smart monitor at a discount through the official store.

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