Fenerbahçe Players Attacked by Trabzonspor Supporters: Alexander Djiku Speaks Out | Latest Update

2024-03-21 18:18:49

On Sunday, Trabzonspor supporters attacked Fenerbahçe players on the pitch after the Istanbul club’s victory. Alexander Djiku, Fener defender, returned to these incidents for Sky Sports.

One more incident in Turkish football. Winners at Trabzonspor (3-2), the Fenerbahçe players were attacked by local supporters who entered the field at the end of the match. Alexander Djiku, former Strasbourg defender, now with Fenerbahçe, spoke to Sky Sports about this moment of chaos.

“Some of my teammates had no choice but to defend themselves to save their lives”

The Ghana international was shocked by the situation. “There was a feeling of fear for our lives, because when a fan is ready to fight, you never know what could happen. The start of the match went very well, both on and off the field , with a 2-0. In the second half, the fans started throwing water bottles, coins and smoke bombs. The referee, the stadium commentator and the Trabzonspor players repeatedly asked the supporters to calm down to avoid stopping the match.”

The tensions that rose in the stands throughout the match did not subside at the end of it. “At the final whistle, we celebrated the victory in the middle of the field – like every match – since we were playing against the third-placed team and Galatasaray had won against Kasimpasa. We saw a fan enter the field and a few more in a few seconds, until the stewards are completely overwhelmed.”

“Hundreds of people were coming towards us and the field was completely overrun.”

“We all entered at the same time on the recommendation of the stewards and with the help of the Trabzonspor players. Everything happened very quickly. Some of my teammates had no choice but to defend themselves to save their lives “, confides Alexander Djiku.

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“We didn’t think celebrating a victory could lead to so many things”

Some Fenerbahçe players were unfortunately victims of Trabzonspor supporters. “Personally, I was lucky that I didn’t get hit, unlike my teammate Livakovic and a few others. When we got to the locker room, we were still in shock and dismay at what had just happened. We didn’t think celebrating a victory could lead to so many things.”

Since the start of the season, numerous incidents have taken place in Turkey and Alexander Djiku regrets it. “The safety of footballers must be the sole responsibility of the clubs. We felt that it was extremely sad for both teams and for Turkish football given the images that were sent back.”

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