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The ensemble around the Linz pianist, composer and tireless cultural worker David Wagner is one of the best the Austrian improvisational theater scene has to offer. On Wednesday “Wagner & Co” went under the title “Alles Bruckner, or what?” to mark the composer’s 200th birthday in the third season at the Linzer Posthof.

Anton Bruckner may never have been examined more quickly in just over two hours. Delicious improvised love stories were written to him and symposiums with strange experts on the topic of “Bruckner and the strawberry jam” were conjured up. Norbert Trawöger, artistic director of the Bruckner Expo, based the romp on the transverse flute, state cultural director Margot Nazzal threw on the Bruckner Wurlitzer with the specifications “London, Hide Park and Heavy Metal”, whereupon actor Markus Zett played a Bruckner rock Headbanging was celebrated. Former state governor Josef Pühringer sang Bruckner’s “Locus iste” solo and had the St. Florian Prelate Wine set to music as an opera.

David Wagner
Image: reinhard winkler

The audience also learned that ABPU does not mean Anton Bruckner Private University, but AB-Pianisten-Ungemach. However, the way David Wagner improvised Bruckner’s Fourth was not an adversity, but a musical stroke of luck. Would like to see more of this: “Wagner & Co” will be guests in Kremsmünster on March 2nd and at the GUGG Braunau on March 15th. The next Posthof Bruckner session of the Impro Wagnerians will take place on May 15th.


Peter Grubmüller

Head of Culture Department

Peter Grubmüller

Peter Grubmüller


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