Vladimir Putin Claims Radical Islamists Behind Moscow Attacks, Alleges Linked to Ukraine – 2024-03-27 09:01:34

President Vladimir Putin admits role of “radical Islamists” in attacks outside Moscow, instead pointing to links to Ukraine(AFP) PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin on Monday acknowledged for the first time that “radical Islamists” were behind last week’s attack on a concert hall outside Moscow. But suggests they are connected to Ukraine in some way. A total of … Read more

Russia after the attack: Open torture of terror suspects 2024-03-26 02:42:35

Accused: One of the suspects in the attack on the concert hall on March 24th in front of a Moscow court Image: AFP It has long been known that Russian security forces use torture. It’s just that the security apparatus tried to cover up the abuse – until the terrorist attack in Moscow. Dhe presentation … Read more

Report from inside the Kremlin: How Putin is being manipulated by his own people | politics

“Mr. Putin wakes up around 7 a.m. every day and receives a briefing on the war.” But what Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (70) gets to read from his own advisors has little to do with reality. That reveals a report from inside the Kremlin! It becomes clear: the dictator is being manipulated by his own … Read more

Drunk Russian soldier shot AK-74 at FSB officials and killed three people | International | Newtalk News

Russia has repeatedly suffered setbacks when it invaded Ukraine with its superior military power. Problems such as blitzkrieg defeats, logistical chaos, and disorganized military discipline have appeared one after another.Photo: Flip Twitter Russia has repeatedly suffered setbacks when it invaded Ukraine with its superior military strength. Problems such as blitzkrieg defeats, logistical chaos, and military … Read more

Murder of Russian nationalist daughter, identification of second person involved = security authorities | Reuters

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has identified a second person involved in the death of Daria, the daughter of Russian nationalist thinker Alexander Dugin, in a car explosion, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Monday. . Pictured is Alexander Dugin in front of a portrait of Mr. Daria. FILE PHOTO: Moscow, Russia March … Read more

Russia Captured ISIS Bomber Who Targeted Indian Leader: Report – ISIS Bomber Detained | Russia

Moscow – Reportedly, Russia has captured an IS terrorist who was planning an assassination attempt in India. The Russian Federal Security Service has informed that a man who was recruited by IS as a suicide bomber from Turkey has been captured. Russian news agency Sputnik also reported that the terrorist had targeted a prominent leader … Read more