“The Battle for Bachmut: Updates, News, and Analysis”

2023-05-21 11:30:07 Propaganda message from Bachmut In this photo released by the Prigozhin press service, Yevgeny Prigozhin (centre), head of the military company Wagner Group, speaks to his soldiers holding a Russian national flag. (Photo: dpa) Wien Duplicate questions can lead to confusion: Volodymyr Zelensky answered “I don’t think so” on the sidelines of the … Read more

Ukraine must defend itself with a patchwork army

Ukrainian soldiers with Russian T-72 tanks The Ukrainian army shows a lot of flexibility within its hodgepodge of weapons, but it also has to deploy a lot of personnel. (Photo: AP) Brussels, Berlin, Paris In the first phase of their attack on Ukraine, the Russian armed forces relied on speed – and failed. Now they’re … Read more

Nuclear energy experts on their way to the war zone

Kyiv The IAEA boss is hoping for talks with the Ukrainian power plant employees. He stressed that the group had received all the necessary guarantees for the long journey to the war zone, some 450 kilometers from Kyiv. “We are going to the occupied territory and this requires explicit guarantees not only from the Russian … Read more

Russia burns murderers | Mariupol Evacuation | Bucha Massacre | Mass grave in Bucha | Ukraine War

Kyiv സിറ്റി The Mariupol City Council says Russian troops are cremating assassins in the city of Mariupol using a mobile crematorium escorted by Russian troops to Ukraine. Through social media, the Mariupol City Council alleged that the aim was to ensure the destruction of Mariupol and that the victims were being cremated using a mobile … Read more

Russian airstrikes from Ukrainian cities – establishment of evacuation corridors remains uncertain

New York The situation for people in many cities in Ukraine is becoming increasingly dramatic 13 days after the Russian invasion. According to the city council, in the port city of Mariupol, which is under Russian siege, “there is no street without broken windows, destroyed apartments or houses.” The city is without electricity, water and … Read more

Battles for Mariupol – Russian troops continue to advance towards Kyiv

New York, Düsseldorf During the night of Sunday, fighting in Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, concentrated on the southern Ukrainian port of Mariupol and the area around the capital Kyiv. Mariupol, besieged by Russian troops, reported dramatic conditions after a failed ceasefire. In addition, the Russian army continued to advance towards Kyiv and other … Read more

Ukraine war: Putin sharply criticizes sanctions

New York, Düsseldorf Russian President Vladimir Putin has sharpened his rhetoric towards the West and sharply criticized the punitive measures imposed. “These sanctions that are being imposed are tantamount to a declaration of war,” the Kremlin chief said in a televised speech on Saturday. At the same time, at a meeting with Aeroflot employees, he … Read more

Russia blocks Facebook and Twitter

Social networks Twitter and Facebook are no longer available in Russia. (Photo: dpa) Moscow The media regulator in Moscow has blocked the social network Facebook in Russia. The Roskomnadzor authority announced on Friday in Moscow that it was a reaction to the shutdown of several Russian media pages on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, the Kremlin restricted … Read more