Former Charleroi Police Officer Found Dead: Suspicious Death Investigation Opened

2023-11-29 17:07:00 Eric Jacob was only 64 years old and had been retired for two years from the Charleroi police zone, where he had spent most of his career. Particularly at the Stup section (ORA), then at Police-Secours. Working in Charleroi, Eric Jacob, affectionately nicknamed “Rabbi” by his colleagues and friends, lived in Namur, in … Read more

Drama in Mons: Woman falls from third floor of a building, police investigation opened

2023-11-28 16:07:00 The events took place this Sunday morning. A woman fell from the third floor of a building on Grand’Rue in Mons. She was hospitalized in serious condition. of videos Accident or crime? Police opened an investigation. **** ****** ** ****** *** ******** ********** **** ** *********** ** ***** ********* ** ************ ** ************ … Read more

Mentally Handicapped Young Man Found Dead at Land of Wonders Center in Trembleur – Investigation Underway

2023-11-14 16:52:35 This Tuesday morning around 10:30 a.m., a 22-year-old mentally handicapped young man was found dead at the “Le Pays des Merveilles” center in Trembleur, in the commune of Blegny. The young man was discovered lifeless in his room. Although he had marks on his neck, the forensic doctor who went to the scene … Read more

Combatting Wave of Burglaries in Liège: Prosecutor and Police Support Businesses and Horeca

2023-11-13 18:30:00 Many businesses and Horeca establishments in the center of Liège have recently been affected by break-ins. If, initially, around ten incidents were recorded on and around the Market Square, the wave then headed towards the establishments on the Cathedral Square. The day after the first articles published in La Meuse Liège, the Liège … Read more

Emergency Brain Surgery for 5-Month-Old Tiago: Investigation Opened by Public Prosecutor’s Office

2023-11-10 15:56:13 The ordeal is far from over for Christophe and Laura, the parents of little Tiago. The 5-month-old baby went back to the operating room for emergency brain surgery this Friday. At the same time, we learned that the Mons public prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation following the complaint filed by the parents. … Read more

Enhancing Administrative Support: Preventing Incidents and Streamlining Processes through Video Documentation

2023-10-26 10:32:17 “Five hundred people work in this building, magistrates and administrative staff. It is important to support each of them. What happened shocked them, and can never happen again,” declared the minister, flanked by the Brussels King’s Prosecutor, Tim De Wolf, and the Brussels Attorney General, Johan Delmulle. of videos Abdesalem Lassoued’s extradition request … Read more