Photovoltaic system on the roof of EBEA – 2024-03-11 07:39:50

Photovoltaic Energy Offset System installed on the roof of its central facilities at Akadimias 7, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Athens. As noted in an EBEA announcement, this is about movement of high symbolismas the investment shows the chamber’s support for sustainable development and environmental protection. The photovoltaic system has a power of … Read more

Ponant uses skippers to create its future zero-carbon cruise ship

2023-11-21 13:00:00 The fourteenth ship from Ponant, a specialist in high-end exploration cruises, is intended to be an unprecedented challenge in maritime passenger transport. The Swap2zero project consists of designing a boat 181 meters long and around a hundred cabins with an objective of zero greenhouse gas emissions during navigation, maneuvering, in port and at … Read more

Photovoltaic Austria quickly demands a modern E-Business Act

2023-08-03 14:23:10 Grid access by 2030 biggest hurdle for PV expansion in Austria – E-Control action plan important, but only the first small step Vienna (OTS) – The Bundesverband Photovoltaic Austria (PV Austria) is calling for the rapid adoption of a modern Electricity Industry Act (ElWG). Vera Immitzer, Managing Director of PV Austria, sees the … Read more

Belgian SOLAR: Delayed Installations and Risks of Losing Money – What You Need to Know

2023-07-17 17:30:00 Investing in photovoltaics sounds like a good idea. Given the rising energy prices since the various successive crises, many Belgians have decided to install them, creating at the same time a boom in installations in private homes. The catch is that companies accept new customers who sometimes have to wait months for the … Read more

Mazda’s Sustainable Initiatives: Leverkusen Headquarters Goes Solar and Promotes Green Transportation and Dining

2023-06-01 07:00:00 Mazda has put the largest photovoltaic system in Leverkusen into operation at its German and European headquarters. The around 2,400 solar modules installed on the 14,000 square meter roof of the former parts warehouse have a peak output of one megawatt and produce around 900,000 kWh of solar power annually. This corresponds to … Read more

Agao S80 Solar Scooter never needs to be charged thanks to photovoltaic

2023-06-28 17:25:00 The Agao S80 Solar Scooter has a small display in the handlebar that shows the most important speed and battery parameters. An integrated GPS module allows the e-scooter to be located via smartphone in the event of theft. The scooter weighs around 45 kilograms and can be used by drivers with a total … Read more

Embracing Self-Consumption: Revolutionizing Energy Habits with Smart Meters and Home Automation Bonus, says Walloon Minister of Energy

2023-06-23 13:49:00 “The end of compensation will encourage new prosumers to adapt their behavior to self-consume the energy they produce as much as possible. Smart meters and the home automation bonus are there to support them in these new habits”, commented the Walloon Minister of Energy, Philippe Henry (Ecolo) quoted in a press release. 1687625825 … Read more

Opt for solar energy and save 10% off your photovoltaic installation with Reno Energy and Sudinfo!

2023-06-15 06:43:00 Why install photovoltaic panels? Did you know that photovoltaics is the most efficient way to produce electricity? In addition, it is easy to install photovoltaic solar panels at home through a professional. Another advantage of photovoltaics is that the panels do not alter the charm of your home. They are very discreet, unlike … Read more