Amazon summer 2023 sales, 6,300 offers up to ‑81%

2023-07-06 17:51:00 The Amazon online store has a lot of flash sales for summer sales with amazing discounts, up to -78. In total, at the time of writing these lines, there are therefore 5,640 offers that are offered, all categories combined. Good deal flash sales 2023 Amazon Amazon therefore offers a large number of promotions … Read more

Leaked The Sims 5 information from job applications that it will be a free to play game.

2023-06-30 07:31:45 The Sims isgameA life simulation that allows players to create characters and create a simulated life of this character freely which normallygamewill do the selling out of money, buy before playing But when the episode The Sims 4, EA has more modifications.gameFree to play style comes as an option to play another way … Read more

Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Release Date and Review: All You Need to Know

2023-06-16 20:00:00 Exit Final Fantasy XVI on PS5 will take place 22nd of June. Journalist Bloomberg Jason Schreierresponding to one of the Twitter users, said that he had a lot of thoughts that he would share next week, hinting at a review. Apparently, this will happen on June 20, when the embargo on the publication … Read more

Sony Trials Cloud Streaming of PS5 Games for PlayStation Plus Premium

2023-06-16 04:38:52 Sony is testing cloud streaming of PS5 games and plans to offer this feature as part of its PlayStation Plus Premium subscription service. Although it is still in its early stages, it shows Sony’s continued investment in streaming games. Sony confirmed that it is currently testing the function of playing PlayStation 5 games … Read more

“Access Controller by Sony: An Inclusive and Modular Controller for Gamers with Disabilities”

2023-05-18 16:20:03 The Access controller can be used alone for PlayStation 5, or it can be used with another set of Access controllers or DualSense controllers to meet the needs of people with different disabilities. Sony announced during CES 2023 earlier this yearBarrier-free controller “Project Leonardo”it was confirmed earlier that “Access Controller” (Access Controller) will … Read more

“Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Xbox: Beyond Consoles and Building Unique Identities – Insights from Phil Spencer”

2023-05-04 21:57:00 Today the gaming division Microsoft focused on building your own unique identity and expanding the ecosystem Xbox far beyond traditional consoles. About it Phil Spencer said in an interview Kinda Funny Gamescommenting on the issue of competition with Sony and Nintendo. Despite the fact that consoles are still the core of the Xbox … Read more

PS5 always cheaper – frustration among hamster buyers – games

2023-05-03 10:05:07 Due to the increased production, the coveted game consoles are slowly but surely becoming cheaper and easier to obtain – which annoys some. During the pandemic, quarantine and Corona measures people to travel, meet friends and attend events. Many therefore rely on entertainment at home. Whether televisions, game consoles or PCs – the … Read more

“Sony Reports High Sales for PlayStation 5 but Concerns Over Software and Supply Issues Remain”

2023-04-29 00:00:00 Written by Samah Labib Saturday, April 29, 2023 03:00 AM Shipments soared Play Station 5 to 6.3 million consoles in the three months ended March 31, 2022, bringing total console sales to 38.4 million, the maker said in its latest earnings release. That’s more than triple what the company shipped in the same … Read more