Joe 24: Because of a “laughable thing”… Experts criticize iPhone 14: It’s an insult

Technology experts have criticized the American company Apple’s adoption of a screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz in its new phone, “iPhone 14”, saying that it is “laughable”.

Apple revealed at its annual party organized at its headquarters in California, on Wednesday, its latest devices, which included the iPhone 14 series of phones, headphones and smart watches.

The iPhone 14 list includes: “iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.”

Toms Guide stated that the new Apple phone, iPhone 14, came with many new features and unique technologies, adding: “But to launch a phone in 2022 worth $ 800, and its screen refresh rate is only 60 Hz, is not just laughable. But it’s an insult.”

He pointed out that all global phone companies have now moved to a 120Hz refresh rate, such as the “Samsung Galaxy S21” or “Oppo Find X3 Pro”.

He explained: “We can understand Apple’s desire to keep the 120Hz screen as an advantage for its iPhone Pro, but people will not spend $800 on the iPhone 14 and the refresh rate is only 60Hz, while there are other phones with the same value and the refresh rate exceeds 90Hz.”

Experts saw that the “iPhone 14” series lacked “innovation”, as they considered it unacceptable that the design of the basic shape of the phone had not been changed or updated for nearly 4 years.

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