The 6 Essential Foods to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk: New Study Reveals!

2023-07-09 07:27:00 A new study, prepared by the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University in Canada, and published in the European Heart Journal, revealed that not eating 6 main foods increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In detail, the researchers found that eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, full-fat dairy and cheese is a … Read more

PlayStation Plus Essential: the complete program of games offered for February 2023 revealed

We are February 1st and also the first Wednesday of the month, but it is not until next week that the offer of games offered to subscribers PlayStation Plus will be renewed. Sony Interactive Entertainment has just formalized the productions with which we can have fun, without surprise sincethey leaked last sunday. Whether you like … Read more

PlayStation Plus Essential: the complete program of games offered in January 2023 revealed

Next week will mark the start of a new year and also the arrival of a new selection of free games offered to members PlayStation Pluswhether they subscribe to the offer Essential or the two upper ones. And like almost every time, leaks have occurred upstreamrevealing to us the three productions of January 2023. So, … Read more

Medical IoT Security, the tool to protect essential devices in patient care | News | Entrepreneurs

As healthcare professionals use digital devices such as diagnostic and monitoring systems, ambulance teams, and surgical robots to improve patient care, the safety of these devices is as important as their primary function. Palo Alto Networks, the world leader in cybersecurity, has announced Medical IoT Security, the most comprehensive Zero Trust security solution for medical … Read more

Molecular chaperones caught red-handed

news Success for Frankfurt researchers at Goethe University from Dr. Markus Bernards (06.10.2022) For an appropriate immune response, it is essential that infected or degenerated cells are recognized by T lymphocytes. T lymphocytes recognize such cells using antigenic peptides that these cells present using specialized surface molecules (MHC I molecules). A Frankfurt research team has … Read more