Netizen’s Coffee Date with Facebook Friend-turn-Neighbor Goes Awry: A Lesson on Online Safety

2023-05-30 05:27:14 The original PO said that she was going to have coffee with a netizen. (Schematic / Pexels) A female netizen said that she chatted with a netizen on Facebook for a long time, and they wanted to exchange photos with each other to meet for a cup of coffee, but she found out … Read more

Everton confirm Frank Lampard sacking

Everton, penultimate in the Premier League, confirmed on Monday evening that they had parted ways with their coach, Frank Lampard. “The determination and dedication of Frank and his team (his assistants are also leaving the club, editor’s note) has been exemplary throughout their time at the club, but recent results and the current position in … Read more

“Frank Vandenbroucke promotes access to caries care to the detriment of preventive care”

She points to a measure in particular by the Minister of Health: “When inflation flirts above 10%, he grants less indexation to all care and more indexation to fillings linked to dental caries ( …). This average of 6.24% indexation, which does not allow fees to keep pace with the 12% increase in the costs … Read more

Why Dirk and Frank need a successor

For Belgium, we understand, the stakes are high. It is not for nothing if our country, despite the current situation, puts the same amount in the ESA for the next three years. “Space is essential for several reasons”, comments Thomas Dermine. “The scientific feedback is very important at the level of the research teams of … Read more

“Hard but fair”: 80 cents for a roll. “How are we supposed to continue?” asks the baker

Ggas and electricity are becoming almost unaffordable, basic supply companies are struggling to survive due to their energy bills. Politicians should help, and they try. But are electricity price caps and extended operation of the nuclear power plants enough – if it comes to that at all? That’s what Frank Plasberg’s “Hard but fair” talk … Read more

“The reduction in VAT on gas and electricity is final, the 21% rate will never return”

Published on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 09:54 According to the Minister of Public Health and Deputy Prime Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), the federal government will no longer go back on the reduction of VAT on electricity and gas to 6%. The extension until March 31, 2023 of this reduced VAT was announced on Wednesday … Read more

“Our father is not a lost package”

Published on Friday, August 19, 2022 at 12:32 p.m. Marianne and Toon have been waiting for their dad’s body to be repatriated from Romania for a month. On July 19, Frank, a 66-year-old Belgian from Borsbeek, died unexpectedly of a heart attack while on vacation in Romania. Since then, his children are still waiting for … Read more