White pulp without salt- Hossam Mowafi explains: Does it reduce pressure?

It is rumored among many people that the white pulp is a food that can be eaten instead of medicines used to treat high blood pressure, provided that it is free of salt. Also read: A pharmacist explains the names and prices of the most popular high blood pressure medications This was denied by Dr. … Read more

Substance from hibiscus could alleviate Alzheimer’s disease

By studying immune cells in the brain (microglia), a research team found that gossypetin inhibits the activity of genes that promote chronic inflammatory reactions. It also promotes the cells’ ability to eliminate waste products from their environment. In experiments with mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, gossypetin was able to stimulate these cells to break down … Read more

Warns of “Strong Tropical Storm Chaba” CH13, check 23 provinces. Affected by heavy rain, strong winds.

Announcement of the Meteorological Department “Strong Tropical Storm Chaba” (Effective until 2 July 2022)” No. 13 dated 02 July 2022 At 19.00 today (2 Jul 65) “Typhoon Chaba” (CHABA) covering the Guangdong Province Southern China has weakened to “Short-tropical storm Chaba” and at 10 p.m. centered at latitude 22.2 degrees north, longitude 110.7 degrees east, … Read more

Meteorology warns of “tropical storm”, “Chaba”, CH10, Thailand still encounters rain, falling 60% in Bangkok

announce meteorological department “tropical storm” strength “hibiscus” (Effective until July 2, 2022) No. 10 dated July 02, 2022 at 4.00 am today (2 July 65) is a strong tropical storm. “hibiscus” The upper South China Sea is centered at latitude 20.5 degrees north, longitude 111.9 degrees east, maximum sustained winds near the center are about … Read more

The Meteorological Department warns of a severe tropical storm “Chaba” in the north, the northeast, and the south.

July 1, 2022 meteorological department Severe Tropical Storm Warning “hibiscus” No. 9 is in effect until 2 July 2022, with heavy to very heavy rainfall in some areas in the North. Northeastern, Eastern and Southern West Coast meteorological department Indicated that at 22.00 today (1 July 2022) a strong tropical storm “hibiscus” The upper South … Read more