Maximize Your Health with Magnesium: The Super Mineral for Performance, Mood, and Wellness

2023-11-27 01:18:00 Magnesium It is an important mineral that affects the functioning of the organs in the body. From the study it was found that magnesium Relation to the work of muscles and nervous system Especially while exercising The body needs more magnesium than normal. Magnesium is like a muscle relaxant. Helps bring blood sugar … Read more

How do you know if you are deficient in magnesium?

2023-11-26 08:26:43 Essential substances to guarantee the proper functioning of our body, the minerals of which magnesium is a part ensure the basic functions of our body. It is therefore important to monitor your mineral intake. Did you know that magnesium is one of the most important nutrients for energy production in our body? The … Read more

Excessive Iron Intake: Symptoms, Risks, and Treatment

2023-11-19 14:00:00 Minerals are essential for the body to perform its functions properly. They also help keep bones, heart and brain in perfect condition, but what happens when they are consumed in excess? Minerals are found in a large number of foods such as fruits and vegetables, dairy products, legumes, animal products and cereals. Not … Read more

Optimizing Nutrient Absorption: Food, Supplements, and the Importance of Combinations

2023-08-05 21:00:08 In both food and supplements, inappropriate combinations need to be taken into account. A healthy and varied diet is the best way to get all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to function well and health to be protected. The way food is cooked, the ingredients used, the chemical composition of … Read more

High-Quality Manganese Ore from Morocco: Elcora Advanced Materials Corp Delivers New Orders and Expands Production Capacity

2023-07-06 17:29:50 Definitely, manganese from Morocco is popular with industrialists. In a statement published this Thursday, July 6, 2023, the Canadian mining company Elcora Advanced Materials Corp announces that it has received two new orders of 1,500 metric tons of manganese ore, with a grade of 37% and of high quality. Orders that should be … Read more

The rise in gold prices globally in the economic bulletin for the seventh day.. Video

2023-05-06 17:07:00 Written by Reham Al-Basha Saturday, May 06, 2023 08:07 PM Colleague Islam Saeed reviewed during the economic bulletin what is happening in gold market Locally and globally, while the domestic price decreases, the global price continues to rise to historical and unprecedented numbers. Global gold prices recorded a new week of gains, during … Read more

“Phosphorus Deficiency: Symptoms, Prevention, and Natural Sources for a Healthier You”

2023-04-24 06:00:00 Are you plagued by cramps? Are you losing your hair? Forget the simplest things? Then check your phosphorus balance. Maybe that’s why. A phosphorus deficiency can have various effects, such as cramps and intestinal problems. – Pexels the essentials in brief Hair loss, memory loss, intestinal problems: these are signs of a phosphorus … Read more