CO Poisoning: Prevention, Symptoms, and Emergency Response

2023-12-07 10:27:22 Beware of CO: the “silent killer”! Each year, the number of CO victims increases in October, reaching a peak during the winter. There are nearly a thousand people poisoned with CO every year and deaths are reported each time. of videos CO, the “silent killer” CO or carbon monoxide is a toxic gas … Read more

Protecting Cats in Fléron: Vigilance Needed Against Poisonings and Rodent Control

2023-10-11 17:00:00 Last Sunday, the neighbor of a resident of rue des Cerisiers in Fléron found one of this resident’s cats, still alive, lying in the middle of the road in its vomit of blood, then which died a death violent. “He vomited blood and more, then died in excruciating pain. It’s sad. It’s unfortunate,” … Read more

Infamous Tomb Robbery Case Unveiled in Aohan Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia – Shocking Details and Sentencing

2023-08-15 02:13:27 (Schematic diagram / Recapitulated from “Jimu News”) A tomb robbery case that occurred in Aohan Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, mainland China in 2022 has recently aroused great concern in China. This case involved a group of 9 tomb robbers. They had an accident during the tomb robbery process, resulting in 3 people … Read more

Food Safety Alert: Recent Food Poisoning Cases in Lebanon and Precautionary Measures

2023-07-25 12:45:00 The media office of the Ministry of Public Health issued a statement, announcing that “the health prevention teams investigated more than thirty people with food poisoning after they ate meals in more than one tourist place in Lebanon.” And after confirming the source of the poisoning, a decision was issued by the Minister … Read more

“Montana Sushi Restaurant Outbreak: 2 Dead and Over 40 Infected | Dave’s Sushi”

2023-05-14 06:54:35 A food poisoning outbreak at a sushi restaurant in Montana killed 2 and infected more than 40 people. (Picture / Recap of daves_sushi IG) A sushi restaurant “Dave’s Sushi” (Dave’s Sushi) in Montana, USA, recently broke out a serious mass poisoning incident. So far, 2 people have died and more than 40 people … Read more