Revolutionary Vaccine for Cat Allergies: Made from Tobacco Leaves

2023-11-01 10:08:56 A hope for all cat lovers, unfortunately allergic. The Franco-Canadian pharmaceutical company It’s a myth started a first attempt to test a vaccine, intended for humans, against these allergies. The composition of this treatment is counterintuitive and may surprise you. This vaccine is manufactured made from tobacco leaves. In the laboratory, located in … Read more

Reopening Announcement: Entre Chiens et Chats Pet Store Bounces Back After Bankruptcy and Floods

2023-10-28 14:15:28 “Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that our specialized and independent pet store, Entre Chiens et Chats, is reopening its doors after a temporary two-week closure. » It is with these words that the store established in Malmedy after having started its activities in Ensival announced the good news, this Friday … Read more

WhatsApp will allow you to hide secret chats with new function

2023-10-23 17:41:45 WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow you to hide your blocked conversations. Currently, it is possible to block individual or group conversations on WhatsApp, but they are displayed in a separate tab called Blocked. This may raise suspicions if someone notices that you have blocked conversations. The new functionality will … Read more

Protecting Cats in Fléron: Vigilance Needed Against Poisonings and Rodent Control

2023-10-11 17:00:00 Last Sunday, the neighbor of a resident of rue des Cerisiers in Fléron found one of this resident’s cats, still alive, lying in the middle of the road in its vomit of blood, then which died a death violent. “He vomited blood and more, then died in excruciating pain. It’s sad. It’s unfortunate,” … Read more

ANG-101: Breakthrough Vaccine for Allergies in Humans and Pets

2023-10-09 16:53:49 The vaccine candidate, called ANG-101, is based on the development of a “bioparticle which imitates the shape and size of a virus and whose surface is covered with thousands of copies of the major cat allergen, the protein Fel d1,” the company explains. The first patients were recruited at the Royal Brompton Hospital … Read more

Experience the City of Ath’s Behind-the-Scenes Tour: From Giant Busts to Live Machinery and a Cat Bar

2023-10-01 17:00:00 The City of Ath gave access to its backstage this Sunday and many people came to visit the premises and the various administration services. Several activities particularly attracted visitors. This is particularly the case for the Works department which offered to test machines such as a crane, a Gluton, a street vacuum cleaner … Read more