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Khabarni: Jordanian-Saudi projects coming soon

by archyde

Khabarni – The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairy, said that the relationship between the Saudi and Jordanian peoples is exemplary, solid and unparalleled, and that it is in its best condition as it has always been.

He added in a televised statement that the coming period will witness the announcement of a number of joint projects between the two kingdoms.

Regarding the Saudi investment in the medical city, Al-Sudairy said that the medical city is a unique and advanced project as it consists of two parts, educational and therapeutic.

He pointed out that the partners in the project are the University of California, and the operator, University of London, saying, “I was talking with the University of California and they said that the devices that will be used in the project are not in America, which contributes to serving patients in Jordan.

And during his intervention on the occasion of the 92nd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which falls today, Friday, he indicated that the Jordanian-Saudi relations are distinguished and that the largest Jordanian community outside their homeland is in Saudi Arabia, which Saudi Arabia is proud of, as there is no Jordanian house that has no relationship in one way or another with Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sudairy stressed that the harmony that exists at the level of the leaders of the two kingdoms is reflected at the level of officials and the two miserable peoples.

He pointed out that the culture that binds the two brotherly peoples is well-established and that Saudi Arabia is keen to convey cultural messages, noting that Saudi Arabia participated through a cultural delegation in the activities of Irbid, the capital of Arab culture, and the delegation was huge and the performance was remarkable, distinctive and applauded by everyone.

He stressed that cultural relations are a woven relationship and that all aspects should be taken care of and work to be empowered and consolidated.

Al-Sudairy pointed to Jordan’s tourism advantage thanks to the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Highness the Crown Prince, and with constant follow-up by the government, where work is being done to provide a distinguished service to tourists.

Al-Sudairy stressed that “the slogan is ours is our home” because Saudi Arabia is home to all my love for Saudi Arabia and its ancient heritage and has always transmitted it. Which is our heritage and identity.

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