Latest News: Apple Discontinues $5 Siri Subscription Plan in Music App and Introduces New Health Features for Apple Watch

2023-11-04 06:04:19
News – Apple has discontinued the cheapest subscription plan in the Music application, which was worth $5, and which provided users with access to its music catalog using “Siri” voice commands. According to Apple, it has stopped working on the aforementioned subscription plan, starting in November, and current subscribers will be able to continue with the plan until the end of the subscription period. When canceling a subscription, users can choose other Apple Music plans, individual, family, or student, or subscribe to Apple One, which includes Apple Music. These plans also have the option to play music via Siri. Apple adds more health features to its watch. The current health features of the Apple Watch include a thermometer, fertility chart, an advisor to measure blood oxygen levels, algorithms to track sleep, and a system for conducting an electrocardiogram. Now, Apple is looking to improve the Watch’s health and fitness features with its next release, the Series Upcoming features will include high blood pressure detection and sleep apnea, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports. The watch will alert users who have high blood pressure, and the feature may provide a journal to help users track their condition, recommend speaking to a doctor, or visiting a place that has a traditional blood pressure monitor, in order to get more accurate results. Another feature of next year’s watch could be detecting sleep apnea, by measuring the user’s breathing patterns. The feature suggests that the user visit a doctor, and will not provide any treatment suggestions. However, the company may seek regulatory approval to allow the app to interpret data for users, which could open up treatment options in the future, according to the Gadgets Now website.
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