Oldest olive bottle from Israel (video)

2023-11-02 13:18:45

Khabarni – Egyptian journalist Bassem Youssef became the talk of the Arab street after his second meeting with British journalist Piers Morgan, to talk about the Palestinian issue.

Youssef proved to Morgan that the Palestinians are the true owners of the land, as he presented him with a bottle of olive oil, saying: “This is a gift from me and my wife, olive oil from the West Bank. Whenever I go to Jordan, and I go there a lot, my wife always asks for it from me, and confirms that it is from West Bank.

Youssef continued as he opened the bottle: “It is the best olive oil ever, and the reason is that the olive trees from which they extract it are more than 600 years old, and are passed from one generation to another, as a family heritage.”

He also added: “As for this, it is thyme. Thyme is an herb, and we add sesame to it. You can eat this meal with bread, a piece of bread that you soak in oil and then in thyme.”

Youssef explained many of the crises that the Palestinian people went through, and proved that the Palestinians are the owners of the land, amid interaction from activists on social media platforms for what he said after a question: “Why does Egypt not accept the Palestinians in Sinai?”

Regarding the Egyptians’ rejection of the presence of Palestinians in Sinai, Youssef said: “This is exactly what Israel wants, and this is the worst solution. These are Palestinians and this is their land, and then they suddenly take it. Why? They were expelled from their homes, and now another country must take them? Imagine what could happen.” to happen?”.

Youssef continued, saying: “Do you see what will happen? Imagine this – and because Israeli officials spoke openly about the issue and why don’t they just leave for Sinai? – Do you know what will happen? These people will be pushed to Sinai, and two million people live in a refugee camp. What do you expect to happen?” Unrest, chaos, and after a few years the Western media will come with their cameras and say, look at these Arabs; they are killing each other, it is good that Israel got rid of them, and then they will go to the West Bank, and suddenly 3.5 million people are being pushed into Jordan…”

Morgan asked a question about why the Palestinians did not migrate to any Arab country, and Bassem replied, saying: “Why don’t we give Florida to Israel?”

He also added: “The whole idea is, why doesn’t Jordan take them? And why doesn’t Egypt take them? The question is the same… Europe has 44 countries, so why don’t they take Israel? In America there are 50 states, so why don’t they give them Florida? The idea that you are Arabs and all of you are the same, no, because what? “What will happen next? Israel will move to Jordan and say, ‘Saudis, why don’t you take the Jordanians? This is not a solution.'”

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