Oldest olive bottle from Israel (video)

2023-11-02 13:18:45 Khabarni – Egyptian journalist Bassem Youssef became the talk of the Arab street after his second meeting with British journalist Piers Morgan, to talk about the Palestinian issue. Youssef proved to Morgan that the Palestinians are the true owners of the land, as he presented him with a bottle of olive oil, saying: … Read more

Bassem Yakhour with three different personalities.. in Ramadan

It seems that the participation of the Syrian star, Bassem Yakhour, in the Ramadan drama this year will be very special, as Yakhour plays three starring roles in three different works, impersonating various and multiple characters that are unlike any of the other. Although the actor himself promoted his long-awaited series “Al-Arbaji”, the two other … Read more

Rana Hariri, Bassem Yakhour’s wife, responds to the attack she was subjected to

Syrian writer Rana Hariri commented on the wave of criticism she was subjected to after a post she shared on social media, during which she described Syria as “a plundered and afflicted country that is not fit for human life.” Noting that her words stemmed from pain and despair, except that she was not careful … Read more

Bassem Yakhour loses the most precious of people.. Farewell, my love

Artist and actor Bassem Yakhour announced today, Wednesday, the death of his father, writer and journalist Ibrahim Yakhour. Bassem Yakhour mourned his father through his personal account on Facebook, saying: “Farewell, my father.. The journey of the last days was difficult, painful and frustrating. What comforts my heart is that we talked a lot and … Read more

In the video, a spokesperson for insurance companies reveals the reason for the high car insurance rates in the Kingdom

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The official spokesperson for insurance companies, Adel Issa, revealed the reason for the increase in car insurance rates in the Kingdom. During his appearance on Al-Ikhbariya channel, Issa said that the increase in car insurance rates is due to the increase in the number of accidents. He added that the number of accidents … Read more

Do not buy these lands in Baghdad.. A government warning to citizens

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, Rasool said, “We urge the honorable citizens not to buy land on both sides of the new highway linking Muhammad Al-Qasim Highway (Al-Dora) and the Yusufiya area, because it is illegal.” He added, “Legal measures will be taken against transgressors and impersonators who try to deceive and blackmail … Read more

“Fear God in people’s health” .. Al-Khudairi warns of a false message that has been repeated for 7 years, “in the name of Rida, Fathia and Mahjoub”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi warned of a false message being circulated about treating diabetes by drinking spoons of olive oil. Al-Khudairi said, through a tweet on his Twitter account: “A false message is circulating about treating diabetes by drinking tablespoons of olive oil, and this is not true and a lie. Rather, those who … Read more