How to Avoid Overlapping Health Insurance for Your Children: Mireille Thijs Story

2023-12-01 10:40:00 Mireille Thijs is furious. This resident of Zutendaal, located in Limburg, recently realized that she had been paying for health insurance for her children for eleven years… for nothing, because her son and daughter already had other insurance. “I recently looked for some additional information on my son’s insurance,” Mireille explains to our … Read more

Belgian NIPT Test Gender Error: AZ Maria Middelares Laboratory Incident

2023-11-28 10:40:00 The parents of 40 unborn Belgian babies had a very unpleasant surprise. After an NIPT test last month, they were informed… of the wrong gender of their child. of videos As HNB reports, the error only appeared three weeks after the first test. The fault is obviously due to a technical problem that … Read more

False Accusations: SNCB Investigates Train Incident at Silly Station

2023-11-26 10:42:00 Turnaround… While an attendant blocked a train at Silly station last Thursday because she believed that the driver was drunk and that he had run red lights, it turns out that none of this is true . An investigation is being carried out at SNCB. The driver left the train at Silly station. … Read more

The Saga of the Lost Suitcase: British Airways’ Mishap in Ireland

2023-11-21 18:25:00 While traveling for leisure to a bowling match in Ireland, the airline British Airways lost the suitcase of Maria Vandermaesen, a retiree from Hasselt, in Limburg. This type of case is unfortunately common and often ends well. Indeed, once she returned to Belgium, Maria was contacted by her airline who informed her that … Read more

The Essential Role of Deposit and Development Funds in African Economies: Insights from Mohamadou Youssouf Diagana

2023-11-21 15:10:30 Deposit and development funds play a crucial role in the financing and development of African economies. In response to the gaps observed in administration and entrepreneurship on the continent, these institutions, supported by international organizations such as the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the French Development Agency (AFD), were created to fill these … Read more

Reservation Policy Update: Whatz Hap Restaurant Implements Fines for No Shows

2023-11-21 10:21:39 The owner of “Whatz Hap”, in Limburg, warns: from November 3, the table which has a person absent from their reservation will pay a €20 fine. If two are missing, it will be €40! Jeroen Mangelschots and a large table from “Whatz Hap”. – FB By Pierre Nizet Journalist in the General Editorial … Read more

Understanding Warranty Coverage: What You Need to Know About Car Repairs and Your Rights

2023-11-16 18:40:00 Sophie has owned her little Clio since December 2022, purchased second-hand from a Renault garage. But after only eight months, the vehicle no longer started due to a battery fault. No problem, she thought, even though it has a one-year warranty. But everything didn’t go as planned… of videos After the repair, Sophie … Read more