Comprehensive Assistance: Russia Begins Deliveries of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

2023-10-06 19:47:35 Deliveries from Russia of an additional 15,000 tons of gasoline and 20,000 tons of diesel fuel have begun as part of comprehensive assistance to Armenia and the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh. The press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry reported this on October 6. Earlier, on September 24, the Armenian authorities banned the … Read more

Tragic Accident on Châtelet to Couillet Road: Large Relief Deployment and Ongoing Investigation

2023-08-18 18:49:07 A large relief deployment was formed this Friday evening around 7:30 p.m., on the road from Châtelet to Couillet. The firefighters of the Hainaut-Est rescue zone were called but they were not the only ones to intervene: the Charleroi police zone and the emergency services also intervened since a terrible accident occurred. FVH … Read more

Motorcyclist’s Dramatic Crash Caught on Camera: Eyewitnesses Share Shocking Details

2023-08-15 19:12:11 The motorcyclist, according to witnesses of the scene, performed a gliding flight before falling heavily on the ground. Nothing is known about the victim’s condition. Read also “I was stuck in my car for three hours! “: Lucas, from Nismes, makes an impressive road trip in Barbençon (photos) According to these same witnesses, … Read more

Violent Hit-and-Run Incident in Namur: Shocking Footage and Updates

2023-08-10 10:18:24 This Wednesday evening, a rare scene of violence occurred in the streets of Namur. At the wheel of a Volkswagen, a mad driver hit several people in the station area, more precisely at the intersection of rue Borgnet, rue Rogier and rue de Fer. Following the shocks, two to three people were injured … Read more

Driver’s Miraculous Escape After Car Flies Over River in Neerpelt: Exclusive Coverage

2023-08-04 06:38:33 While driving on the Hereenterdijk in Neerpelt, Limburg, the driver hit the railing of the bridge he had to take to cross the Dommel river. A violent shock which made the vehicle take off: it flew over the water before ending up on the other side of the bank. The driver was seriously … Read more

Rising Road Deaths in Wallonia and Brussels: The Alarming Statistics of 2022

2023-07-31 05:51:28 Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 2:55 p.m. According to the Road Safety Barometer established by the Vias Institute, the number of road deaths increased sharply last year in 2022, in Wallonia (+22%) and in Brussels, where it rose from 6 to 21 deaths. . of videos On the other hand, Flanders … Read more

Accident near Avenue des Alliés: Car Collision Causes Chest Pain and Traffic Disruption

2023-07-24 16:03:24 This Sunday at the end of the day, around 5.30 p.m., an accident occurred near the roundabout on Avenue des Alliés, in Malmedy. “Two people passed each other in the car, one fell asleep and hit the vehicle of the other”, explains the police of the Stavelot-Malmedy area. It is a 65-year-old man … Read more