Over the weekend, a federal police vehicle was struck by another vehicle during a significant anti-drug operation.

During the “Star action,” a drunk driver crashed into a federal traffic police vehicle amidst an operation targeting organized drug distribution networks. The authorities were able to inspect 1,770 vehicles, 30 trains, and two buses, along with 2,144 people in Belgium, resulting in 20 seized vehicles, 157 individuals found with drugs, 18 found intoxicated, and … Read more

A car hits a sign on the E313 near Milmort, the driver’s life is in danger

It was 6:45 p.m. this Friday when a vehicle, the only one involved, hit a road sign on the E313 motorway near Milmort, in the direction of Liège. The car then bounced across the carriageway and struck the center berm before coming to a stop. Immediately, this direction of the highway had to be closed … Read more

“Impossible to get the lady out of the cabin, she had to be extricated!” (Pictures)

It was near the Royal Athenaeum of Hannut, rue de Tirlemont, that the accident occurred. At around 10:10 a.m., a white truck, while trying to maneuver out of the school grounds, hit a Toyota that was driving on the road. Read also Bad surprise for Vincent, from Hannut, flashed twice for speeding in two minutes … Read more

a car hits pedestrians, six people were injured

It was just after 7.15pm when the unthinkable happened in Harringay, north London. It was then that a black 4×4 rammed into several pedestrians near the Salisbury Road junction. Videos released by British media show the vehicle after the incident showing a totally damaged bumper above the wheel. A frightening sequence on which we also … Read more

BMW fatally hits Greet in front of her husband’s eyes as they walked their dog: ‘He’s completely shocked’

“She was a proud woman. A mother of two children and a happy wife. The shock is great this Saturday in Muizen (Mechelen) after the accident which occurred this morning on the Chaussée de Louvain. As a reminder, a BMW brand car hit two pedestrians – a woman and a man – who were walking … Read more

“I didn’t know what was going on”

It is around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday evening when a woman skids with her vehicle on the E40 motorway bridge in Oostkamp. The driver then crashed into the bridge barrier and caused it to close. Unfortunately, several pieces of debris fell on the highway which is just below. Miraculously, no debris landed directly on any of … Read more