Protecting the Right to Health: Pope Francis’ Address to Italian Pediatricians and Otorhinolaryngologists

2023-11-18 12:27:53 Meeting with Italian pediatricians and otorhinolaryngologists in the Paul VI Hall, Francis warns against the double risk of the utopia of eliminating the disease and abandoning the weakest and most fragile. And on the aging of the population in Italy: “May young people rediscover the value and joy of being parents.” He highlights … Read more

The Healing Power of Connection: A Documentary on Euthanasia and End-of-Life Care

2023-11-01 22:30:00 Related news The euthanasia It is already a right in Spain. After many controversies and ethical debates that remain standing, one can request it in certain circumstances, when the health It doesn’t accompany you and the body and the person can’t take it anymore. Put yourself in the head of a person who … Read more

Shanna’s Battle: The Failing Health System and the Quest for Dignity

2023-09-22 13:15:00 Shanna Wouters, a 38-year-old Belgian, suffers from a connective tissue disease that causes very intense pain. Faced with a health system that she describes as “failing”, the young woman “sees no other solution than to request euthanasia”. The testimony that Shanna gave to our colleagues at Nieuwsblad is particularly difficult. Suffering from Ehlers … Read more

Brave Mother Battling Terminal Cancer: Fighting Until the Last Breath for Her Children

2023-08-21 12:50:00 Suffering from terminal cancer, Cheryle, a 50-year-old from Belgium, wants to hold her head up high for her two youngest children, Kobe, 13, and Vince, 14. “The euthanasia papers are ready, but for my children, I will persevere until the last breath” confides the fifty-year-old from Overijse in the columns of HLN. The … Read more

Tragic Decision: Jeweler Jean-François Langohr’s Beloved Dog Euthanized – The Family Explains

2023-07-24 17:00:00 Death of jeweler Jean-François Langohr in Liège: the family explains why their beloved dog had to be euthanized Following the death of jeweler Jean-François Langohr, many people were worried about the fate of Auguste, his dog who never left him. The family made the difficult decision to euthanize him. This raised many questions. … Read more

“The Sahel, soon a zone of non-information?”

Published on : 03/04/2023 – 08:08 On the front page of the press, this Monday, April 3, the reactions to the expulsions from Burkina Faso of the correspondents of the French daily newspapers Le Monde and Liberation, after the suspension of the broadcast of France F24 and RFI. The presentation, today in France, of the … Read more

Canada delays assisted suicide for mentally ill patients | Life

Illustration. (Source: The Guardian) On February 2, Canada moved to delay the implementation of changes to its euthanasia (humanitarian) law, according to which the mental patients eligible for assisted suicide, citing the need for more time to develop protective measures. Canada In 2016, it approved the suicide of psychiatric patients with the help of doctors … Read more

TikTok viral: puppy moves the world by “hugging” its owner for the last time before dying | Viral | Social networks | viral video

You won’t hold back the tears! A new video has been made viral in TikTok. On this occasion, the protagonist of the story was a young woman who moved the virtual community by showing the “hug” that her puppy gave her before she died. Certainly, moving clips tend to quickly captivate people in internet. This … Read more