Chaos and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza – Updates from the ground

2023-11-18 20:27:46 Several decided to stay since they cannot travel, so several doctors treat them. Patients, staff and refugees left the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital on Saturday, according to health officials, leaving behind only a skeleton crew to care for those too sick to move and the Israeli forces who took over the facility early. … Read more

Rue de Chavée Traffic Accident: Videos, Details, and Updates

2023-10-01 16:35:20 A major traffic accident occurred Sunday afternoon at rue de chavée between Nassogne and Forrières. Only one vehicle was involved, but significant resources were deployed on site. The accident left two seriously injured. Three pumpers, one from Rochefort and two from the Luxembourg zone, were sent to the scene, as well as the … Read more

Violent Bus and Van Collision: Students Injured – Latest Updates and Videos

2023-09-15 16:48:55 The accident occurred shortly before 6:30 p.m. An express bus linking Liège to Marche and a van collided, shortly before the Plainevaux crossroads. The circumstances of this accident are currently unknown. The only certainty: the impact was extremely violent as evidenced by the state of the van. The bus mainly carried students. -FB … Read more

The implications could be severe.

Meteorologists are currently monitoring the formation of a low pressure front at sea near Broome, which is expected to develop into Tropical Cyclone Ilsa once it makes landfall. The potential consequences of the anticipated category 4 cyclone could be severe for the week along the coast between Broome and Port Hedland in Western Australia, with … Read more

Vladimir Putin warns of ‘serious consequences’ if Russian oil price caps!

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday of “serious consequences” if the price of Russian oil were capped, as countries in favor of such a measure must soon announce their decision. “Such actions go against the principles of trade relations and will most likely lead to serious consequences for the global energy market,” Putin said … Read more

there are serious risks of accidents!

This Monday, the Awans road police immobilized 3 semi-trailers from Jupiler. In question, a problem of securing the goods, which can cause serious accidents. It would not be the first time. On the highways, the only masters on board are the federal police officers of the WPR, that is, the traffic police. In the Liège … Read more

Three seriously injured and six people arrested after a fight and stabbings last night in Kortrijk

Posted on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 11:31 a.m. Par Sudinfo with Belga Six people were arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday in Kortrijk after a violent fight and exchanges of stab wounds. Three of them were taken to hospital, seriously injured, the prosecutor’s office of West Flanders, Kortrijk division reported on Sunday. At this … Read more