Are the French richer than the others?

Par Richard Flurin Posted 3 hours ago, Update 3 hours ago The median wealth of the French is clearly higher than that of the Germans, according to the Credit Suisse study. sittina / INFOGRAPHICS – Le Figaro looks back on the main lessons of the Global Wealth Report 2022 on household wealth around the world. … Read more

The double standard for women in power | Explicit machismo in Finland: shoot Sanna Marin

Once again there is talk of reprehensible attitudes of a political woman, instead of talking about her policies, her ideas, her abilities. This time she touched Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Since the tabloid Iltalehti posted videos of her dancing Along with her friends, she was questioned by the press and the political opposition. She … Read more

The risk of hospitalization linked to the standard of living: inequalities in the face of Covid-19 highlighted

What is the profile of people hospitalized for a severe form of Covid-19 ? While many studies have so far addressed the medical aspect and conditions related to age and sex, one study sheds new light by analyzing the socio-economic profile of patients in France. The Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES), in … Read more

Inequality in the country is increasing, and women are catching up

Berlin Germany is an unequal country. The rich keep getting richer. The gap between rich and poor is widening. There have been headlines like this for years, and the left-wing political camp in particular has long considered the alleged increase in inequality to be a danger. However, the debate has one blemish: due to a … Read more

Profits in the Corona Crisis: Profit Booster Corona Crisis (nd current)

For years, the Mainz-based company Biontech made losses. From the start of the corona pandemic to the third quarter of 2021, however, profits of 6.4 billion euros have accumulated. Photo: dpa / Boris Roessler Germany is facing a new lockdown. In some regions, Christmas markets, restaurants and cinemas are already closed. The retail sector suffers … Read more

Report points to sexism in print, in articles and internally

The High Council for Gender Equality pleads for “quotas of women in decision-making positions“And for a”progressive bonus-malus system»In the aid paid to the press. Women less often cited in articles, editors more responsible for culture than sport: the written press in France contributes to sexist stereotypes, denounces Thursday the High Council for Gender Equality, which … Read more