The 8 things that your nails can be telling you about your health

2023-09-05 14:23:20 The ideal fingernails and toenails look firm, slightly pink, and have a smooth surface. However, this is not always the case. This part of the body, also known by the technical term of the nail plate, can indicate various health problems. It is important to pay attention to color changes, the appearance of … Read more

how to avoid the fall of a nail after a hematoma?

2023-05-04 10:44:34 If not well cared for, a bruise on the nail can cause it to detach or become infected. Hitting against a wardrobe, dropping a heavy object on your toe… Everyone has already experienced this misadventure which can be accompanied by the formation of a “bruise” in the days following the shock. Most of … Read more

A sign that appears in the nails and fingers of the hand indicates infection with this dangerous disease

Cancer Research UK has linked pain and swelling in the joints, known as hypertrophic pulmonary arthropathy (HPOA), to people with non-small cell lung cancer, which accounts for nearly 80% of lung cancers. According to the British newspaper “express”, the Cancer Research Foundation said: “Hypertrophic arthropathy is a group of symptoms that can affect the organs, … Read more