RN deputies ask the Comptroller’s Office to review Elisa Loncón’s paid “sabbatical leave” at Usach | National

The National Renewal deputies, Marcia Raphael and Hugo Rey, sent a letter to the comptroller Jorge Bermúdez to try to clarify the controversy. In addition, they requested – through the supervisory authority – that the rector deliver the administrative records that account for the granting of said benefit. The deputies of National Renewal of the … Read more

Judge Daniel Urrutia is sanctioned after a complaint from his colleagues for statements in the Constitutional Convention | National

After visiting a commission of the Constitutional Convention, where he argued that judges were complicit in mutilations and human rights violations in the social outbreak, Judge Daniel Urrutia was denounced by his colleagues before the National Association of Magistrates. This resulted in a sanction that will be appealed. The Court of Honor of the National … Read more

Chile | Constitution | Gabriel Borić | Change of the Magna Carta in Peru does not have representativeness | POLITICS

The overwhelming rejection of the proposed Constitution that was registered last Sunday in Chile –62% said No to the text of the new Magna Carta, while the Yes reached 38%– subtracts a resounding force from the fateful attempts of the Peruvian left that it seeks the same objective as if it had a real backing. … Read more

Final projection Bío Bío: Rejection will prevail with 61.6% over 38.4% of Approval | National

The first projection of La Radio gave 61.7% to the Rejection, but it was refined to 61.6% in the third and last update. At 8:16 p.m., with 88.08% of the tables counted, Servel reports that the Rejection accumulates 62.00% (6,944,426 votes) and the Approval 38.00% (4,256,165). The Rejection will win this constitutional plebiscite with 61.6% … Read more

Jackson betrays an organization linked to Rejection for lying about the proposal for a new Constitution | National

In a quick review we were able to verify that what is said in the proposal is openly lying or misunderstood when talking about education, health and housing. “This is really serious,” Minister Giorgio Jackson said. Although it is a website, former constituent Giovanna Grandón warned that they also deliver door-to-door brochures in Puente Alto. … Read more

Jackson and Boric’s announcement for a possible constituent process 2.0: “It will be the citizens who choose” | National

Various reactions have been generated by President Gabriel Boric’s announcement about a possible new constituent process in the event that the Rejection wins in the plebiscite on September 4. The Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, said that this issue was discussed with the political committee and it seemed reasonable to him that this “be transmitted openly … Read more

Amnesty International goes for Approval and announces “Approval is Humane” campaign | Special

Wednesday, July 06, 2022 | 09:01 “Amnesty International has decided to put itself in the path of justice and dignity, that is why it is going for the Approval,” said Rodrigo Bustos, executive director of the NGO in Chile. “The population has a historic opportunity to correct the path of inequalities and injustices of many … Read more

Center-left figures distance themselves from the sector and announce that they will vote for rejection | Special

Tuesday, July 05, 2022 | 21:21 Center-left figures such as Felipe Harboe (ex-PPD), Oscar Landerretche (PS) and Javiera Parada (ex-RD) released a letter stating that they will vote for Rejection in the plebiscite on September 4, adding their disagreement with the proposal for a new Constitution drawn up by the Constitutional Convention, pointing out his … Read more