He had a good time…a famous Turkish star, the talk of the crowd in Riyadh (photos)

2023-12-17 21:44:50 Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug has been at the forefront of the public’s talk over the past few hours, on social networking sites, after his photos spread widely while he was enjoying his time at the “Middle Best Soundstorm 2023” music festival, in Riyadh. Tatlitug appeared in the photos wearing a leather shirt, black … Read more

The famous actress in a touching message to her late mother: I was deprived of your prayers (photos)

2023-12-17 21:28:36 Actress Nahed El Sebaei sent a touching message to her late mother, producer Nahed Farid Shawqi, who passed away recently. Through the “Story” feature on the social networking site “Instagram,” Nahid Al-Sibai published a photo of her with her mother, and commented on it, saying: “My mother was deprived of your prayers for … Read more

Israeli Military Sniper’s Killing of Unarmed Woman and Daughter in Gaza Criticized by Pope Francis: Latest News and Updates

2023-12-17 13:37:43 Smoke rises from the remains of a collapsed building in the Gaza Strip, Palestine on the 17th. Archyde.com Yonhap News The Roman Catholic Church’s Jerusalem Patriarchate claimed that an Israeli military sniper killed an unarmed mother and daughter at a Catholic church in the Gaza Strip. Pope Francis also mentioned and criticized this … Read more

Korea’s Danuri Lunar Probe Reveals Surprising Discoveries on the Dark Side of the Moon

2023-12-17 11:07:42 A panoramic view of the Shackleton Crater at the South Pole of the Moon, created by combining photos taken by Korea’s Danuri and the US Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera. The inside of the crater was taken by Danuri, and the outside was taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Provided by the National Aeronautics … Read more

Russian Team Dominates US Team in Boxing Match Meeting: December 16 Results in Moscow

2023-12-17 01:20:18 The Russian team won a shutout victory over the US team in the match meeting, which took place on December 16 in Moscow. The fights took place in five weight categories in a format of four rounds of three minutes. In the weight category up to 60 kg, Vsevolod Shumkov (1-0, 1 KO) … Read more

“Outdoor filming of Lin Chi-ling” was tricked into filming the evil GoPro perspective and was violated by the manufacturer: really obscene | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-12-16 00:16:32 Photo of actress Lu Yuxi. (Picture/photo taken from lucy_luyusy IG) Photo actress Lucy has a 32F figure and looks like Lin Chiling when she smiles. She is known as “Lin Chiling in the field of outdoor photography”. Recently, she said that she was tricked into taking a GoPro test video many years ago, … Read more

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to USB Flash Drive: A Step-by-Step Guide

2023-12-16 00:00:00 Written by Moanis Hawass Saturday, December 16, 2023 02:00 AM Although the device iPhone Your phone stores cherished memories in photos and videos, but its limited storage capacity often requires additional solutions. One practical option is to transfer these photos and videos to an external hard drive or flash drive, which provides an … Read more

National Power Council and People Power Party: Uncovering the Political Dynamics

2023-12-15 05:02:33 Woong Kim, National Power Council, “Han Dong-hoon is the avatar of the president”When pro-Yoongye Lee shouts “Stop”, he shouts “Listen” People Power Party lawmaker Kim Woong is asking a question at the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Committee audit of government affairs held at the Jeonbuk Provincial Office last October. yunhap news … Read more