“Kingdom’s Preparation for Hosting Foreign Nationals from Sudan”

2023-04-26 15:33:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented by Al-Arabiya TV correspondent Hani Al-Safyan from inside a room in a hotel revealed the Kingdom’s preparations to host foreign nationals coming from Sudan. He explained that rooms in 5-star hotels have been allocated to foreign nationals, as well as meals and foods they need. He pointed … Read more

Cadiz and Elche tie in La Liga » The Iraqi News Agency

Follow – consciousA positive tie overshadowed the match, in which Elche visited Cadiz, at the (Ramon de Carranza) stadium, in the last match of the 17th round of the first division of the “La Liga” football league. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram The Andalusian team took the lead very early, … Read more

Al-Araji announces that Spain has received 15 children and women from the Syrian Al-Hawl camp

Al-Araji said in a tweet, followed by Alsumaria News, “We thank the Spanish authorities for receiving 15 children and women from the Syrian Al-Hol camp.” He added, “We renew the demand from all countries to seek to receive their nationals from the camp, to dry up the sources of human terrorism, in order to close … Read more

In the names.. The Holy Capital Municipality invites the owners of expropriated real estate to receive their compensation

The Municipality of the Holy Capital has called on citizens who own real estate, which was recently decided to expropriate them for the public interest, in a number of locations in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, who have not yet reviewed, in order to complete the procedures for disbursing their compensation, and with the aim of speeding up … Read more

Maher Jah is preparing to welcome his new baby.. This is how the news was announced

The Lebanese artist, Maher Jah, announced that he is expecting a new baby, as he revealed his gender in a video clip he posted on his Instagram account. In the details, Maher shared with the followers a video in which he appeared with his wife, Aya al-Hasani, and happiness overwhelmed them after it was found … Read more

Has Lebanon received an Interpol arrest warrant for Carlos Ghosn… and what is his fate?

After information was received that Lebanon had received an Interpol red notice against the former head of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Carlos Ghosn, based on the international arrest warrant issued by the French authorities about a month ago, judicial sources concerned with the file confirmed to An-Nahar that the judiciary had not received the arrest warrant. … Read more