The Bahraini filly raises controversy because of a drink

Tell me – The Bahraini filly sparked controversy on social media, with the way she poured and drank a drink, as some believed that the video was not appropriate for Arab or Eastern culture.

The Bahraini filly continued to participate in social media trends, especially foreign ones, among the most recent of which was, during the recent period, a drink poured over a hand umbrella to fall into a glass and then drink.

The Bahraini filly applied the steps, as she grabbed the umbrella and someone poured a yellow drink on the sliding surface of the umbrella to fall into the Bahraini filly’s cup and drink it to the tune of the song Feeling Good.

Although the Bahraini filly was keen to close the comments feature on the video, the audience was keen to circulate the video and comment on it on some pages.

The audience interacted with the video of the Bahraini skilled, which spread widely across the pages, and many criticized her for her participation in this trend, due to their ignorance of the drink, which some claimed might be alcohol, and on the other hand, because of what they called disrespect for grace in the way of pouring and drinking the drink until If it was halal.

Some said: “Food and drink have etiquette, and praise be to God for the blessing.” “What is this drink that spills wine on the ground, for example, and the matter becomes an eye for your eye?” Even if you give and believe God’s hidden grace, because even grace has its respect.”

Here is the video on our site:

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