Khaberni website: Saudi Idol is preparing to launch

Tell me – The Saudi talent program “Saudi Idol” launched several promotional videos that included comments from members of the jury, which includes elite art stars.

One of the videos indicated that the program will be shown on the MBC1 screen, with clips showing the decor of the upcoming program, while the other videos included messages from the members of the jury, encouraging the contestants to make efforts in order to reach stardom and brilliance.

The jury of the program, which is produced in partnership between the Saudi Entertainment Authority and the mbc channel group, includes the stars: Asala, Ahlam, Majid Al Mohandes and Aseel Abu Bakr, and it is scheduled to start showing this December.

The star, Majed Al-Mohandes, said: “All of us, as artists, had a difficult start and were waiting for the opportunity to fulfill our dream. Today, by being on the Saudi Idol jury, I will help Saudi talents to achieve the first step in the path of stardom.”

In turn, the artist, Aseel Abu Bakr, considered during the program’s promotional video, “Art is a passion, singing is a passion, and my long experience in this field, God willing, I will employ it in the service of emerging Saudi talents and help them launch in this field through this huge program, Saudi Idol.”

For her part, the star, Ahlam, confirmed that “the demands are not achieved by wishful thinking.. but the world is taken by force,” adding, “Yes, the world is taken by continuous serious work, and this lesson is from many lessons, advice and guidance that we will present to all participants of the Saudi Idol program, so that we can be an example for them in life, such as They were not the ones before us who set an example for us and the highest example in the field of art, hoping that they would fulfill all their dreams, as they are successful with a Saudi idol in Saudi Arabia.

As for the Syrian star Asala, she said, “I am a sula, and I did not easily become a sula. Rather, I dreamed, got tired, suffered, and was patient to reach a place where I am and for every talented person who dreams of building a name for himself in the world of singing by saying that the dream is sweet, but it is not enough to start a job, and I will help you.”

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