Watch live football, Thai football program, big set – U23 FC, get ready, cheer for Thai football to fight the destiny

watch live football today Thai football fans must help. War elephants, both models with edge-to-edge two screens. Because both men’s football and the U-23 set … Read more

How to pay respect to Jupiter, move on April 8, 2022

Worshiping Jupiter and Sacrifice of Jupiter to prepare 1. Incense sticks can use 3, 5 or 19 flowers. 2. 1 pair of yellow candles 3. … Read more

Warning from the doctor’s mouth “sick with kidney disease”, don’t underestimate Omikron. What is the cause? Let’s see the answer.

At present, Thailand haskidney disease patientsChronic number of about 20 million people cause patients.kidney diseasemust reduce the risk of infectionCovid-19 because kidney disease patients kidney … Read more

“Doctor Thira” reveals shocking information. Just a moment. Thailand has been infected + ATK has skyrocketed to 6 worlds.

…epidemic situation in Thailand Yesterday, if you only looked at the number of confirmed infections will be the 10th highest in the world but ifIncluding … Read more

Financial horoscope 2022 of 12 zodiac signs for February

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Madame Pang moves after Thai women’s football loses to the Philippines field debut

AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2022 The first match was held on January 21, 2022. Thailand women’s national football teamNot working due to defeat Philippines national … Read more

Check ATK checkpoints with Drive Thru for free! for 4 risk groups

by both 4 risk groupswishing to receiveATK test with hospitals under the Bangkok Medical Office canrisk assessmentby yourself through the BKKCOVID19 system andRegister to reserve … Read more