Incident of Excessive Radiation from Health Stones: A Look into the Dalian Customs Case

2023-10-23 02:46:48 When tourists from Dalian brought health stones into the country, the radiation exceeded the standard by 1,050 times. (Photo / Reprinted from Sina) Dalian Customs in mainland China said that an alarm sounded when a passenger passed through the radiation monitoring gate. He was carrying a bag of “health stones”, and the radiation … Read more

New Kiswa for Kaaba: A Majestic Tradition Upheld on the Hijra New Year

2023-07-19 12:20:41 A new Kiswa (robe) was draped over the Kaaba on Muharram 1, the beginning of the new year according to the Meccan Hijri calendar. On Tuesday night, a team of experts prepared the new Kiswa Charthi under the supervision of the officials of the two Thirugeha Offices. Read also: ‘The cap should have … Read more

“Boyfriend Sends Girlfriend Bill with Two Decimal Places: The Problem with Splitting Everything 50/50”

2023-04-27 07:04:06 A mainland female netizen revealed that she and her boyfriend planned to travel together during the May Day holiday, but the boyfriend sent her the bill shortly after booking the air ticket and hotel, and the consumption details were accurate to two decimal places, which made her a little surprised . (Picture/Flip Weibo) … Read more

A fierce woman with 14 bottles of Moutai tied to her legs was arrested. Netizens looked silly: The legendary “flying Maotai legs” | International | CTWANT

A fierce woman with 14 bottles of Moutai tied to her legs was caught entering the country. (Picture / flip from Weibo) The gate customs of Gongbei Customs in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, Mainland China recently seized a case of 14 bottles of Moutai in the possession of a passenger at Gongbei Port. In this … Read more

Border Guards of Dak Nong province arrest the suspect who evaded the wanted order | Law

Subject Thuan was detained at about 9pm on February 3 at the Thuan An Border Gate Border Guard Station. (Photo: broadcast by VNA) On February 4, the Border Guard Command of Dak Nong province said that it had just discovered, arrest an object evading orders Wanted are entering the country through Thuan An border gate … Read more

Chinese doors are opening – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) of 10.01.

China lifted restrictions on entry into the country on Jan. 8, imposed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The new rules apply to both arrival at the country’s international airports and border crossings at land and sea checkpoints. The measures continue the course announced in early December to weaken the “zero tolerance” regime for … Read more

Civil Aviation Administration: From January 8 next year, the 75% passenger load factor limit for inbound flights will be cancelled.

Share to WeChat Open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom,Use “scan” to share the webpage to Moments. China Business News 2022-12-29 12:47:41 Editor in charge: Zhu Mengyun The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the “Notice on Resuming the Work Plan for International Passenger Flights”, which will be implemented from January 8, 2023. Specific measures … Read more

“Someone encouraged Argentina in front of Saudi Arabia,” a cafe in Egypt publishes the names of those who are banned from entering the coffee because of their behavior and sports inclinations

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites shared a funny snapshot after a cafe in Egypt made a list of names of people who were banned from entering. Inside the cafe, he placed a list of the names of those prohibited from entering during the round of 16 matches of the World Cup, Qatar … Read more