A meteorologist announces the start of a decrease in temperatures in several regions in the Kingdom.. and sets the date for autumn • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather analysis at the Meteorological Center, Aqil Al-Aqeel, revealed, during an interview with Al-Ekhbariya channel, that temperatures gradually decreased in some regions of the Kingdom. Al-Aqeel said: Indeed, temperatures, especially the lower ones, have begun to gradually and lightly decrease in some regions of the Kingdom. He continued, that the minimum temperatures today … Read more

“Al-Misnad” expects rain today..and identifies the affected areas • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad, a professor of climate at Qassim University “previously,” founder and head of the Committee for the Nomenclature of Distinguished Climatic Conditions in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad, expected the continuation of the summer rainy state today. Al-Misnad said, through his account on Twitter: “Today, the situation is distinguished by the … Read more

“Al-Hussaini” reveals its forecast for rain in the coming hours..and identifies the affected areas

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather researcher, member of the climatic “naming committee”, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, revealed his expectations regarding the weather in the coming hours. Al-Hussaini said in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account: “It is expected that the rains during the next 24 hours will be from light to heavy, and torrential rains and dusty … Read more

A lie and an ugly game .. Al-Khudairi reveals a surprise about the comprehensive medical tests and identifies two cases to conduct

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Student, Professor of Carcinogen Research, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi; Not to perform medical tests except for a health reason or symptoms of a disease Al-Khudairi added; Through his account on “Twitter”, the analyzes read differently from one person to another according to age, gender, weight and medical history; Because it raises obsessions and many … Read more

“Al-Hussaini” reveals rain and torrential rain today and until Wednesday night..and identifies the affected areas

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather and climate expert, member of the Climatic Nomenclature Committee, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, revealed his forecasts for the weather today and until Wednesday night. He said in a tweet posted on his Twitter account: The rainy situation is expected to continue on Tuesday, Dhu Al-Hijjah 13 and Wednesday night, in parts of the southern … Read more

Is eating meat healthy? .. Watch .. “Al-Shahri” answers and determines the amount allowed to be eaten within 7 days

Al-Marsad newspaper: Family doctor Saud Al-Shehri explained the importance of eating meat and whether it is suitable for health or not. And he said, during a video clip, which he posted on his Twitter account: “Every 100 grams of meat contains 60% water, as it irrigates the body, and it also contains 10% fat, and … Read more

Al-Shehri reveals a “useful” fruit for diabetics.. and determines the amount allowed to be eaten • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The family doctor, Dr. Saud Al-Shehri, revealed the benefits of blueberries for diabetics, and the amount allowed to be consumed per week. Al-Shehri said, in a video posted on his Twitter account, “Blueberries are excellent for diabetics because they are loaded with antioxidants that maintain the health of the pancreas and liver.” He … Read more

An international doctor reveals a meal that fights dementia..and sets a date for eating it • Al Marsad Newspaper

World-famous Dr. William Lee confirmed that the best way to combat chronic diseases, “such as dementia – a brain condition in which mental faculties deteriorate dramatically, is to support our five health defense systems with the foods we eat every day”, starting with breakfast. . “Here’s an example from my breakfast this morning to show … Read more