Column: A virtual image of the “bad yen depreciation” theory, fortune-telling the whereabouts of the structural depreciation = Osamu Takashima | Reuters

Osamu Takashima Citigroup Global Markets Chief FX Strategist [Tokyo 12th]–The theory of “bad yen depreciation” is rampant in Japan. There is no need to discuss … Read more

Ruble hits euro against euro for the first time in two years due to capital restrictions, etc. | Reuters

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Focus: Japanese stocks have not had a “bad yen depreciation”, it is dangerous when the dollar remains strong | Reuters

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Angle: Capital outflow from RMB, increase in foreign ownership ratio makes it difficult for authorities to deter | Reuters

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Angle: Inflationary pressure on the taste of the common people, the world economy reflected by kakiage soba | Reuters

[Tokyo 28th, Reuters]–Soba that represents Japan’s food culture, especially tachigui soba, which sells cheaply, depends on imports for most of its raw materials, and its … Read more

Column: Feeling uncomfortable with the “bad yen depreciation” theory, the link with monetary policy is on a dangerous road = Mr. Yasunari Ueno | Reuters

Yasunari Ueno Mizuho Securities [Tokyo 26th]–I think the phrase “bad yen depreciation” has been used extensively in the media these days. However, since I am … Read more

US-Japan Treasury Ministers’ Cooperative Intervention Talks Report, Not Fact = Treasury Executive | Reuters

By the 24th, a Treasury official said that it was “not true” about some reports that he had discussed a coordinated intervention in foreign exchange … Read more

Russian gas, ruble cashing after payment does not conflict with sanctions = European Commission | Reuters

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It is not an era when the yen is depreciating and the economy is improving, the Chinese economy needs to be watched = Keidanren Chairman | Reuters

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Russian Central Bank Governor Suggests Additional Rate Cuts Two Years to Achieve Inflation Target | Reuters

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