Angle: Pakistan, a country with large air pollution, is the introduction of electric buses a hot stone | Reuters

Islamabad (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Raja Kamran, a 50-year-old worker in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi, used to commute by motorcycle but switched to electric buses when they were introduced. It saves me money and helps me avoid breathing some of the city’s polluted air. Air pollution is the leading cause of death in Pakistan, with … Read more

Micronesia discusses establishing diplomacy with Taiwan Dissatisfied with China = President | Reuters

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), an island nation in the Pacific, discussed with Taiwan in February about establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan instead of China and receiving aid of 50 million dollars out of dissatisfaction with China. Outgoing President Panuelo (pictured) said in his letter. Representative photo taken in December 2019 in Beijing (2023 … Read more

Momentum for US to provide fighter planes to Ukraine = influential legislators | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John McCaul, a Republican, said on Wednesday there was growing momentum within the U.S. administration to provide long-range missiles and fighter jets to Ukraine. This picture was taken in Kyiv during a visit in 2023. REUTERS/Anna Voitenko [キーウ 21日 ロイター] – US House Foreign Relations Committee … Read more

Focus: ‘God, Crane’ Turkey delays rescue due to centralization | Reuters

[Antakya/Istanbul (Reuters)]- Antakya, a city in southern Turkey. From under the rubble of a collapsed apartment, Kebsel could hear the voices of his two sons. However, after searching around for two days, he was unable to find an emergency response manager who would issue a rescue order. February 13th, Antakya, a city in southern Turkey. … Read more

Focus: Is the torture of civilians organized on a large scale, Kherson under Russian military occupation | Reuters

KHERSON, Ukraine (Reuters) – Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. She said she was detained and tortured many times during the Russian military occupation of the city. On January 12, Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. He says he … Read more

Angle: Pakistan floods, hardships in reconstruction push homes and jobs | Reuters

CHALSADA, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In late August, the swollen Swat River in northwestern Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa turned and rushed into the village of Naeem Ullah, 40, plunging into Ula. 14 houses of Mr. and his relatives were swept away. In Pakistan, months of rainfall and unusually hot spring temperatures accelerated the … Read more