“Understanding Constant Hunger: Causes and Solutions”

2023-05-10 12:53:48

Tell me – Feeling hungry means that your body needs food in order to continue performing its basic functions. But sometimes the constant feeling of hunger is the result of certain reasons. We will introduce you to them, do not underestimate them:

Lack of sleep: Do not underestimate the issue of sleep and reduce its importance. Not getting enough sleep and of the required quality would affect many different aspects of health and life.

During stressful phases. Your body releases the hormone cortisol. Which urges you to eat more. Especially rich in fats and sugars. And eat more during stress. It doesn’t diminish your negative feelings. Rather, it would cause you to eat more food. and gain more weight.

Hypoglycaemia: Hypoglycemia is a drop in blood sugar levels. That would be one of the causes of constant hunger. The brain needs energy in order to perform its functions as required. And this energy comes from glucose. So when your blood sugar levels drop, your mental energy decreases, and your brain starts sending hunger signals.

Chronic dehydration: When the body suffers from chronic dehydration. You will definitely feel hungry. The brain makes a mistake in distinguishing between feelings of hunger. And thirst often, because the same area in the brain controls both subjects.

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