Hunger under Stalin – Ukraine commemorates Holodomor: “Defeat death again”

“Never Forget Famine”For his part, Van der Bellen stressed: “We will never forget this terrible man-made famine, in which millions of people in Ukraine were deliberately starved by the Soviet regime.” Ninety years later, Ukrainians would have to fight again, for their lives, their identity and to preserve their freedom, said the Federal President on … Read more

Union: “Serious mistake”: Traffic light turns tank vote in the Bundestag

Union: “Serious mistake” Traffic light averts tank vote in the Bundestag 9/23/2022 7:32 am A Union application for the delivery of heavy weapons and battle tanks to Ukraine is a crucial test for the traffic light coalition: parts of the government factions see it in a similar way to the opposition. However, there is initially … Read more

Pretty best enemies: is the Habeck-Lindner-Zoff driving us even deeper into the crisis? | politics

It was a photo that radiated harmony and cohesion… Almost a year ago, Robert Habeck (53, Greens) and Christian Lindner (43, FDP) sent a selfie into the world. Then they smiled with Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens) and Volker Wissing (52, FDP) in the new era: an alliance of Greens and FDP – with the SPD. … Read more

Funding madness: German tax money for Greek refrigerators | politics

Pretty generous: The Greek government gives its citizens new household appliances – the Germans have to pay for it too! In the coming weeks, Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas (49) will add up to 50 percent of the purchase price for new refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning systems. The budget for this (150 million euros) comes … Read more

Youngest MEPs: Emilia Fester speaks of voting rights for two-year-olds politics

Emilia Fester (24, Greens) is the youngest member of the German Bundestag. She says about herself that she wanted to vote “when I was eight” – now she has spoken out in favor of voting rights for small children too! ► In a joint interview with Bundestag senior president Wolfgang Schäuble (79, CDU) in “ … Read more

The day of the war at a glance: Lavrov dupes foreign ministers – Kremlin wants to deliver more gas to Germany again

The day of the war at a glance Lavrov duped foreign minister – Kremlin wants to deliver more gas to Germany again 07/08/2022 10:01 p.m According to British information, Russia is currently taking a breather in the Donbass, but says it wants to continue conquering it completely. They also don’t want to give up southern … Read more

Exclusive: Traffic light coalition plans reform: 138 MPs are to be kicked out of the Bundestag *** BILDplus content *** – Domestic politics

Anti-Bläh-Reform | Traffic light wants 138 deputies throw out of the Bundestag The CSU then loses a quarter of its mandates Photo: ddp/Chris Emil Janssen Article von: Lydia RosenFelder published on 07/02/2022 – 11:07 p.m The largest German Bundestag of all time gets a slimming cure! According to BILD am SONNTAG information, the traffic light … Read more

Traffic light and Union – extra billions decided for the Bundeswehr! – Politics

Clear the way for the Bundeswehr to use the 100 billion euro package! Specialist politicians from the Union and the traffic light coalition cleared up open questions about the use of the 100 billion euro package for the Bundeswehr in a special meeting of the defense committee on Wednesday evening. The budget committee also approved … Read more