Health Net “Mediterranean Diet Benefits Many Studies: It Can Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer-Free Health Net

Studies have found that eating a Mediterranean diet rich in lycopene and selenium can not only reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but also improve the chances of recovery if you have cancer and undergo radiation therapy. (picture taken from freepik) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Prostate cancer is one of the most common and deadly cancers in … Read more

3 consecutive false disasters/6 consecutive championships! The Mediterranean diet was rated as “the best” to lose weight and prevent cancer and dementia | Life | CTWANT

The Mediterranean diet requires eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and healthy fats every day. Sexy actress Lily James (Lily James) uses this diet to maintain a perfect body. (Photo/CTWANT Composite Image) If you don’t want to lose weight quickly, but want to lose weight for a long time, experts recommend the “Mediterranean Diet” … Read more

Health Net” Children start school!Being too fat may induce precocious puberty and reduce risk by eating like this-Free Health Network

Nutritionist Xu Yuzhen, dairy products are rich in nutritional value, containing high-quality protein, vitamin B2, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and other ingredients, which are excellent for children’s development. schematic diagram. (picture taken from shutterstock) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Primary and secondary schools start school today, and many parents are relieved, but nutritionist Xu Yuzhen reminds them to … Read more

Mediterranean diet protects against cardiovascular diseases via the intestinal flora – healing practice

How the Mediterranean diet protects the heart Die mediterranean diet comes with a variety of benefits, including an improved one cardiovascular health. The Mediterranean diet seems to be the Darmflora in such a way that their metabolites improve cardiovascular health. In a new study involving experts from Barcelona University (UB) examined the association between microbial … Read more

5 anti-inflammatory fats to add to your diet

Aging and eating a diet high in saturated fats can lead to: Exacerbation of inflammation in the body And confirmed a study published in the journal Food Research InternationalA diet similar to the Mediterranean diet can be a first-line approach to reducing inflammation. This diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, andHealthy fats … Read more