Title: “Squatting in XXX City: Dondu’s Battle to Stay in an Illegally Occupied Home”

2023-09-15 04:22:00 “It’s true, I’m squatting here. At the time, I called a locksmith to open the door for me. But since then I have been paying rent every month, which I set on my own initiative at €300 at the beginning, then at €425. I also renovated the accommodation I occupy,” she assures. ********** … Read more

Tragic Story of 22-Month-Old Neva: Infanticide and Rape Case Unveiled – Trial Date Announced

2023-08-31 10:04:03 If the facts are already dramatic, the tragic story of little Neva, 22 months, takes an even more unspeakable turn. Beaten by her mother’s companion, Néva was found dead in February 2021. Mickaël Van Haute is accused of infanticide. Neva had bruises on her body. Read also A 9-month-old baby killed by his … Read more

Update on the Renovation of the Upper Town and the Grand Palais Inauguration in Charleroi

2023-08-27 17:22:11 The major projects are gradually coming to an end in the upper town and the grand inauguration of the completely renovated public spaces, scheduled for September 8 and 9, is gradually approaching. That said, the work on the Palais des Expos, which will be renamed Grand Palais, will still take a few weeks… … Read more

Changes in Electric Vehicle Parking Regulations in Brussels: Understanding the Maximum Charging Time and Enforcement Policies

2023-08-15 17:30:00 In terms of parking, not all vehicles are in the same boat in Brussels. “The Highway Code does not mention anything about the maximum charging time for vehicles at electric terminals. It is therefore not possible to verbalize, on the basis of the Highway Code, vehicles parked in these places as long as … Read more

House Demolition Nightmare in Wanfercée-Baulet: David’s Shocking Experience Revealed

2023-08-02 17:00:00 It’s a misadventure that no one wants to experience, but it unfortunately happened to David, on Wanfercée-Baulet. It was his son who warned him, via a Facebook post, on the night of Tuesday August 1 to Wednesday August 2. When David opened the publication, he discovered his gutted house, dumping his bricks on … Read more

Understanding the Meaning of Code Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red in Weather Warnings

2023-07-31 17:35:00 Code green, yellow, orange, red… what does that mean? When the criteria are met, the IRM broadcasts general warnings several times a day for dangerous phenomena related to wind, rain, thunderstorms, slippery conditions, fog, tides, cold and heat. These warnings are issued by Belgian province, for a determined period of validity. They meet … Read more