President Joe Biden’s $100,000 Plastic Surgery: Insights from Senior Plastic Surgeon, Gary Motiki

2023-08-31 15:56:15 Gary Motiki, a senior plastic surgeon in the US state of California, revealed that President Joe Biden spent $100,000 on plastic surgery, including facelifts, eyebrow lifts and hair transplants. “I expect Biden to have spent up to $100,000 today on plastic surgery if he had these procedures here in Beverly Hills,” Motiki said … Read more

Unhealthy Flour and Imported Wheat: Revealing the Dangers and Health Risks in Kuwait Mills | Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-11 19:43:55 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Ammar Al-Ammar, a specialist in the field of food chemistry, revealed during a video clip that Kuwait Mills flour is not good, because it contains some chemicals, which may cause a number of health problems for humans, and he also warned against importing wheat from cold countries. He said that … Read more

Understanding and Managing Chicken Skin Disease: Insights from Dermatology Expert Dr. Ali Al-Omari

2023-08-04 13:12:22 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dermatology, allergy and laser consultant Dr. Ali Al-Omari said that women and children are more likely to suffer from “chicken skin” disease, pointing out that its prevalence rate around the world is 40%. Al-Omari said during an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “This disease is more common in women because their hair … Read more

Sleeve Gastrectomy: Exploring the Positive Impact on Marital Relationships and Sexual Desire

2023-08-02 14:03:58 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Obesity surgery consultant Dr. Nayef Al-Enezi revealed the link between sleeve gastrectomy operations and the marital relationship after he underwent 15,000 operations. And he said during an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Sleeve surgery is very excellent, it increases sexual desire and its results on the marital relationship are positive. The lower … Read more

Yarmouk Hospital Closure: Shocking Video Prompts Ministry of Health’s Decision

2023-07-12 13:17:01 Syrian media reported that the Ministry of Health issued a decision to close the Yarmouk Hospital for red wax, which is located in Daraa Governorate, after a video was circulated from inside the hospital’s incubator, in which a female worker used the hospital’s beds to dry mallow, despite the presence of newborn babies … Read more

Inside Story: The Captagon Smuggling Case – A Cautionary Tale of Drug Trafficking and Bad Companions

2023-07-07 12:15:08 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Interior published the story of a prisoner who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for receiving a drug shipment of Captagon pills coming from outside the Kingdom. The prisoner said in a video clip: “My case is receiving or bringing psychotropic substances from outside the Kingdom. One … Read more

Video .. A tourist consultant reveals the reason for the high prices of airline tickets in the Kingdom

2023-07-05 08:56:18 Al-Marsad newspaper: The consultant for the development of events and tourist destinations, Dr. Emad Munshi, on the reasons for the high ticket prices. During an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel, Manshi said that there are two reasons that contributed to the increase in ticket prices, which are the seasons subject to the issue of … Read more

Prince Turki bin Talal Hosts Relatives of Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Dakin in Abha: A Story of Forgiveness and Goodwill

2023-06-24 11:11:29 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Emir of the Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal, hosted the relatives of the deceased Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Dakin, on the occasion of their abdication of his killer, in response to the prince’s intercession and their response to the endeavors of goodness. This came during the meeting of the … Read more