When her bags were searched, the surprise was .. Details of the seizure of the wife of a member of the Ukrainian Parliament in Hungary

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: The Hungarian customs authorities found a huge sum of money in the possession of the wife of a controversial official in Ukraine, after she crossed the border. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Hungarian customs found $28 million and about 1.3 million euros in cash in the bags of Anastasia … Read more

the royal family will house three Ukrainian families who have taken refuge in Belgium

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 7:12 p.m. The Belgian royal family has decided to take in Ukrainian refugees. They will be accommodated in accommodation belonging to the Royal Donation. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will host Ukrainian refugees, we read in the columns of RTBF. The Belgian royal couple will provide two apartments … Read more

The truth about the video of the arrest of the Ukrainian President “Zelensky” by Russian forces

Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media pioneers circulated a video clip that achieved a high viewership, along with a comment saying that it documents the Russian army’s storming of the home of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, Agence France-Presse confirmed that the video was “inaccurate”, as it dates back to 2016, and was used in reports related … Read more

What happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 20 – Mir – Kommersant

Today, negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations will continue in the format of a videoconference. Japan imposed sanctions against 17 Russians, including businessmen and State Duma deputies. A protocol was drawn up against an employee of Channel One who went on air with an anti-war poster. Foreign brands continue to leave the Russian market. … Read more

Photos: The war in Ukraine: the 15th day of the Russian invasion, in pictures | International

9 photos The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia, Dmitro Kuleba and Sergei Lavrov, meet this Thursday in Antalia (Turkey), the first high-level meeting since the start of the war after three others held unsuccessfully in Belarus with Russian envoys and Ukrainians. We show you the most shocking photos of the armed conflict of the … Read more

first face-to-face of the heads of Russian and Ukrainian diplomacy in Turkey

The face-to-face meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers takes place this Thursday, March 10 in Turkey. It is the first since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine two weeks ago. The agreement reached on Wednesday on a ceasefire has made it possible to evacuate at least 35,000 civilians from several Ukrainian … Read more

What is the situation at Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant?

• Does the takeover of Chernobyl by the Russian army lead to a new nuclear risk? Since the entry of the Russian army into the Chernobyl zone on February 25, the former damaged power station has been cut off from the world. Reactor number 4, which exploded in 1986, rests under a protective enclosure. But … Read more