How Moscow steals Ukrainian children

Serhij from near Mariupol experiences a Christmas miracle in December. After almost eight months, he returns to Ukraine. According to a photo, a representative of UNICEF greets him at Kiev’s main train station and hands the 16-year-old student a welcome gift. In another picture, Serhiy can be seen in front of snow-covered fir trees, holding … Read more

the war in Ukraine affects the education of more than 5 million children

AA/Tunis/Hajer Cherni The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced on Tuesday that the war in Ukraine has disrupted the education of more than five million children. In a statement published on the official United Nations website, UNICEF called on the international community to intervene on this issue. According to UNICEF, “the impact of 11 months … Read more

UNICEF highlights global education inequality | Life

Illustration. (Source: Reuters) A report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) published on January 17 shows that inequality in education globally when only 16% of public education funding goes to the poorest 20% of students, while 28% goes to the 20% richest student. In its report titled “Transforming Education with Financing Equity,” UNICEF says … Read more

The mother of the century: FBI captured a woman who harassed her own daughter online | Society

He went to his mother for help, due to the cyber bullying he suffered. However, he never expected his main attachment figure to be involved in the events. The FBI was the one who discovered the source of the hate level. How many parents suffer next to their children who have been victims of cyberbullying? … Read more

Migrants need to be treated with dignity to improve their quality of life Peru UNICEF Venezuela Migration Education Health SIS | LIME

Updated 12/17/2022 12:42 PM m. This Sunday marks International Migrants Day. Millions of people move across the five continents and Peru is no exception. Our country welcomes almost one million 500 thousand Venezuelans who seek to improve their quality of life in their rejection of Chavista authoritarianism. “Despite the fact that the borders were reopened … Read more