CD44 Protein Isoforms and Their Impact on Colorectal Cancer Progression and Treatment

2023-12-20 11:03:32 Results of work published in the journal Molecular Oncology. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer among all cancers. Often it does not manifest itself at all, is detected only in late stages and is difficult to treat. The decisive factor determining the survival of patients with colorectal cancer is the presence … Read more

Understanding the Safety Profile of Ozambik: Updates on Intestinal Obstruction and Weight Loss Effects

2023-10-02 07:32:00 After its widespread use, and after gaining widespread fame for its clear results in weight loss, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to update the label for the diabetes drug “Ozambik” and acknowledge reports of cases of intestinal obstruction among some of its users. This drug, which is usually used to … Read more

Bowel Obstruction: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options for Excretion Problems

2023-07-30 06:20:00 Key Point : bowel obstruction It is a condition in which the stool is full in the abdomen. Often found in patients with excretion problems, constipation, poor excretion or constipation. Caused by chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, taking certain medications and other diseases such as tumors and cancer in the abdomen. Including the … Read more

Early Signs and Detection of Cancerous Tumors: Nausea, Bowel Pain, and Other Symptoms

2023-07-28 07:08:21 Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: Dr. Arkady Bijanyan, a specialist in oncology and surgery, revealed that nausea and bowel pain are the first signs of a cancerous tumor. According to him, a person must undergo an examination if he suffers from abdominal pain, permanent nausea and diarrhea. He should also not ignore unjustified weight … Read more

Protecting Your Health at the Pool: Common Diseases and Prevention Strategies

2023-07-22 06:00:00 More and more people are looking for swimming pools, water parks, and water playgrounds to escape the heat. However, even if you can forget the heat while playing in the water, you must remember that various diseases lurk. Find out what are the typical diseases that can occur in swimming pools, and how … Read more

Boost Gut Health with A Variety of Fruits and Veggies: Advice from Nutritional Therapist Abeer Goodakry

2023-06-30 05:06:09 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nutritional therapist Abeer Goodakry revealed the best way to improve gut health. Goodacre said: Try to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. It is also important to include sources of insoluble fiber, which helps speed up the passage of food through the stomach, according to the … Read more

Be Mindful of Food Storage and Intake in Summer to Prevent Listeria Infection: Tips from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

2023-06-10 11:00:00 When the hot summer comes, food poisoning also begins to rise. In fact, according to a report by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as many as 40% of food poisoning patients in Korea for five years (2017-2021) occurred in the summer (June-August). This is why you need to pay more attention … Read more

The Surprising Connection Between Diet and Sleep Depth: Harvard Study Reveals Insights from Fly and Mouse Research

2023-06-08 13:30:54 Some of us are awakened by the slightest noise while others are heavy sleepers and do not emerge until the 10e alarm clock ringing! Where do these differences in the depth of sleep from person to person come from? American neurobiologists may have found the explanation… in our intestines! American neurobiologists from the … Read more