Inside the Life of Laura Acuña: From Lawyer to TV Presenter, Mother, and the Challenges She Faces

2023-10-22 02:33:15 Laura Acuña is a Colombian lawyer, model and presenter who left her hometown, Bucaramanga, at a very young age in order to get to television. Although it was not easy, she became part of ‘Noticias RCN’, ‘Very Good Morning’, ‘La Voz’, among others. In addition, she managed to fulfill another of her greatest … Read more

Yeison Jiménez: The Journey of a Colombian Singer and his Desire to Leave the Country

2023-10-18 22:57:59 One of the most important singers in entertainment in Colombia is, without a doubt, Yeison Jiménez, who became part of the music industry for several years after fighting and working for each of his dreams. Although the fruits did not come immediately, he is currently considered one of the greatest exponents of both … Read more

Colombia’s Worst Serial Killer: The Shocking Story of Luis Alfredo Garavito

2023-10-15 11:39:32 He systematically lured young boys into ambushes, raped them and brutally killed them. For this, the 66-year-old was sentenced to a symbolic record sentence of 1,835 years. But the jurisprudence would have made dismissal possible this year. Bogota – He was called “La Bestia” (The Beast): Colombia’s worst serial killer, 66-year-old Luis Alfredo … Read more

Jhonny Rivera Surprises Girlfriend with a New Pet: The Challenges of Raising a ‘Puppy’ in the Music Industry

2023-10-12 00:20:06 One of the most important exponents of popular music in Colombia has been Jhonny Rivera, who has an extensive career where, in addition to earning admiration with each of his songs, but also for his people skills, as he has helped those who need it most. they need economically. Although, for several years … Read more

Diego Guauque’s Journey: From Cancer Survivor to Supporting Rival Soccer Teams – A Story of Resilience and Passion

2023-10-07 03:42:12 Caracol television, over the years, has managed to consolidate a team of journalists with extensive experience who are the main figures of various programs such as ‘Séptimo día’, with Diego Guauque. A famous journalist who has been away from television due to the sarcoma or cancer with which he was diagnosed and thanks … Read more

Daniela Álvarez: A Story of Resilience and Triumph in the Face of Adversity

2023-10-03 17:39:14 One of the most recognized former beauty queens, presenters and businesswomen in national entertainment is Daniela Álvarez, who has not only stood out for her beauty but also for her talent in front of the cameras. However, the woman from Barranquilla had to face a complex health process due to ischemia and subsequent … Read more

Understanding the Rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections in Bogotá: Causes, Impact, and Prevention

2023-10-01 06:13:37 “I have a healthy sexual life, I am not a promiscuous woman. But when I had a cytology test, they told me I was a carrier of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Then when I had a colposcopy, they said she had an injury. I had to undergo treatment. Fortunately I realized it in … Read more

Desire for Family and Children: Nela from MasterChef Celebrity Reveals Her Dreams

2023-09-27 13:36:10 One of the most famous reality shows in the entertainment sphere is undoubtedly ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, as it has managed to generate all kinds of emotions among viewers, who from the beginning made it clear who their favorite participants are. One of them is Marianela González, better known as ‘Nela’, who has stood out … Read more